11 Great Free Activities


An evening with the Stars

Increasing popular. No need for fancy stuff just find a great vantage point and a clear sky. Step outside your motorhome, lye down and enjoy the wonders of the universe.  Alternatively, if you have a sky light in your motorhome why not crack it open and fall asleep to shooting stars.

Spanish Museums

The majority of the city run museums are free on Sunday afternoons, from 3pm to 8pm. Others are also free on one given day of the month, often the first Wednesday or Sunday. Check with their website or tourist information office.

World Heritage Site

The UNESCO world heritage encourages the protection of our natural and cultural heritage. During our adventures we’ve visited a far few sites and found them pretty good value for money.   In the main, the UNESCO sites attract an entrance fee – some are free, the majority are reasonable and the odd one or two are damn expensive.

The more we visit, the more we observe ‘what’s on offer’ and it is surprising.  A lot of the sites have a ticket booth at the entrance…common sense!  You queue, you buy your ticket and you enter…but what are you buying a ticket for?  If you look closely you could find the actual site is free to enter. The ticket is for entrance to a very small section of the site, usually the section that holds ancient artefact or relic. Now that might be the bit you are interested in but it might not!

Tourist Information Point

Worth a visit to find out what local attractions are free, events in the area or what discounts they can offer plus you are guaranteed to find a free map!

People Plaza’s

All major cities have plaza’s or squares and nothing is better than plonking your bum on a plaza fountain or bench and watching the world go by.


From local street markets to night time food stalls.  It costs nothing to wander around, soak up the hustle and bustle of the market and take in the smells and sites of a local activity


Local fairs and festivals are a good way to see the culture of a place as well as join in the free fun & usually free firework display. There is nothing more rewarding that meeting new people and being accepted in to their community.

All Inclusive Pass

If you are planning to visit a number of city attractions then see if the city offers an all inclusive pass. The pass will entitle you to entrance to the main sites at a reduced rate but it also usually offers free public transport and discount off vouchers.

Happy Hour

Join the locals during happy hour at one of the town bars or cafes. A good way to mingle to the locals and still get your BOGOFF!

Sports Match

The majority of sports matches are often free and a good way to see the local team in action. Also, get chance to meet the locals and enjoy a beer or two in the cheap sports bar.

Places of Worship

A church is often the centre of a community and a good place to understand a little about the culture of the place you are visiting.  We are not religious people in the sense of going to church every Sunday but we do love churches and places of worship.  We find the architecture so varied and often so outstanding but what we love the most is the wonderful surprise of what is hidden inside.  From the intricate paintings, the detailed mosaic floors, the wood carvings, the marble alters and the stories of times gone by.

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