17 Money Saving Tips Whilst Travelling

Motorhome Money Saving Tips

Money Matters.

Avoid International ATM Fees

In 2015, we saved £150 by using the right card to withdraw cash from international ATM’s. How did we do that?

  • We only use international banks or ATM’s that offer free cash withdrawals
  • Our Caxton Euro FX card does not charge for cash withdrawals

Did you know that if you use your UK current account debit card to withdraw cash then you will probably be charged £1.50 for each transaction. Not only that, your UK bank with probably give you a terrible exchange rate.

Avoid High Risk Transactions

Most credit card companies recommend you do not use your credit or debit card in the following places.The risk of fraud is high or the transaction is not secure. In some instances, the credit card company may block against use.

  • Petrol Stations
  • Toll Booths
  • Security Deposit
  • Car Hire

Total Utility Bill €1 per day

Convert the motorhome (heating system wise) to run on LPG gas, no messing with different cylinders for gases for different countries and it also much cheaper too. Plus most major garages now stock LPG and it is easy to fill.

Dog Poop Bags

Poop bags for your pet, Tesco nappy bags are ideal and are so much cheaper than dog bags, 300 bags for about 35p. We bought a load before we set off.

Super Soft Shave

For a brilliant shave, use hair conditioner. Apply it to your skin a couple of minutes before so the conditioner soaks in to your skin and softens you whiskers! It is miles better and it is cheaper than using the branded shaving produces especially abroad as the shaving products are so expensive.

Mobile Barbers

Buy decent clippers and small mirror and then you can cut your own hair. No more trying to find a barbers and it saves money.

Solar Panels

Solar power is a no brainer, we never have to plug in and pay for electricity, so that means no need to visit expensive campsites just to charge the batteries.

Free Wifi

McDonalds offer free WiFi, the username and password is on the front door. Helps keep you in touch with friends and family whilst travelling and helps reduce the mobile costs.

LED Lights

Fit LED lights in your van, they use about a fifth of the electricity.

Keep Heat In

Batten down the hatches, close all your doors and windows 30 mins or so before sunset. This helps retain all that lovely warm air in the van so saves on heating costs.

Cleaning Windows

Don’t buy expensive glass cleaning products just use windscreen cleaning additive, it’s miles cheaper and it’s the same stuff. Preferably buy the concentrated stuff as it works out cheaper and weighs less, just dilute later.

Save Fuel

If you don’t need it ditch it, everything you carry in your motorhome impacts the fuel consumption and braking system of your vehicle, its all soon mounts up.

Free Chicken Legs

Chicken, buy a full one, fillet it yourself and save about 50% over buying chicken fillets, you also get two legs and two wings for free, even chicken stock if you boil the leftovers.

DIY Cheap Water Funnel

As you know, I am always commenting on people’s water filling techniques i.e. a watering can. Well this is how we do it.

I would recommend going to a builders / plumbers merchants the make the following funnel

  • A 2” pipe (just a couple of inches needed)
  • A 4” to 2” offset reducer
  • A 45 degree 2” bend.
  • Push the reducer on one end of the bend and the 2” pipe on to the other end of the bend.
  • When pushed together you create a funnel.

Insert the funnel in to the motorhome water point and pour in your water. This contraption allows the water to swirl down the pipe allowing air in and out to stop it gluging and splashing. Much easier and faster than a watering can. Total cost around £2.


Do not overstock your cupboards with food just simply buy for a few days to a week. This way, you use all your food, it stays fresh, you eat healthier and you don’t waste money. In addition, less weight means better fuel consumption.

Free Gym in Spain

All across Spain you will find parks and promenades with mini outside gyms and exercise machines. From rowing to press up and more.  All designed for you to get fit and healthy and its free.

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