Daily Archives: 15th January 2015

Mac n Tosh
Mac n Tosh After months of searching we managed to find these two twins to join us our family. Woof cool dudes! We are Mac […]

Introducing Mac n Tosh

With lots of travel plans on our agenda having a microchip was not only mandatory requirement but something we personally wanted to do. It is simply […]


Dog food
What Dog Food Do we Buy? Like most people we wanted the best for our two little puppies but had not got a clue what […]

Dog Food & Diet

dog proofing
Dog proofing your motorhome is quite a challenge when you have two dogs and don’t want them to destroy the interior. Your dog or puppy will need […]

Dog Proofing Your Motorhome

Trimming Dog Nails
Tonight, Mac n Tosh got all nice and relaxed and I slowly but surely nestled in for their first pedicure. Preparing your pup For the […]

Nail Salon: Trimming Dog Nails

dog collar & tag
Whilst living at home we prefer Mac n Tosh to not have a dog collar & tag as we think collars can sometimes rub away […]

Smart Leather Dog Collar

What do you attached the dog too you may ask? well rather than tie him too one of those large corkscrew type things that pet […]

Eyelets & Dog Ties