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After breakfast, we filled up with water and set off to Antwerp. We arrived within an hour but it was an horrendous journey along the horrid Belgium roads. The sectioned roads, bad repairs and general road conditions had drove us bonkers. Mac n Tosh weren’t impressed to. As we arrived in Antwerp we hit more road works with no diversion signs.

Mac n Tosh fight for the best sun spot

Mac n Tosh fight for the best sun spot

This country clearly doesn’t like to communicate with its drivers. Eventually we reached the parking spot after a full guided tour of the city in Vin the motorhome. Nothing quite like driving through a city in a motorhome with everyone gawking at you, thinking what the hell is that beep beep beep. Eventually we reached the parking spot to find no parking due a some annual horse event. We drove up and down trying to find spaces until in the end we gave up. Two hours in Antwerp and we never stepped a foot out the motorhome!

Back on the road and more blinking bumps, so enough is enough. Foot down to rattle through Belgium suburbs, a strip of Industrial Netherlands and into the lush German countryside. The countryside round about was gorgeous and extravagantly green. You could be excused for thinking that the principal industry of Germany is the manufacture of chlorophyll. We Bumbled along between wooded hills, scattered farms, churches with onion towers that made them look like leftover pieces from a very large chess set. We soon settled into a happy bumble mode now the roads were back to normal.

Awful Belgium Road Repairs

Awful Belgium Road Repairs

A quick Lidl shop and then time to find a sleepy spot for tonight.2016-04-20 at 08-22-21-Alpen

With a full moon and a clear sky the temperate soon dropped, so put the heating on low and tucked Mac n Tosh up in their blanket. They do love to snuggle down at night.

Tonights sleep spotTonights sleep spot – car park at issue Alpen, Germany. Small and free parking located in the middle of farm land and endless yellow fields. Very pretty spot and a nice quiet place for a night kip..or so hope! Been here an hour and already worried it may be a doggers spot.

GPS Coordinates N.051.563234 E.006.485804.

Route: Bruges to Alpen

Weather high 20 and low 3, sunny. Nice and warm in the sun but blinking freezing in the shade

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