A Jurassic Landscape.

2016-07-07 at 15-05-04-Malselv

Well after an uneventful evening me and the dudes set off again, I think the dogs are missing their mum a little especially Mac. He enjoys being snug and wants cuddles and kisses all the time. At the moment though he moults a lot and would give a sheep dog a run for it’s money on how much hair he can shed.

The three of us set of again and the landscape is just a mass of black mountains and deep green trees, the road signs keep saying beware of Elk but with the look of this area I keep expecting a T-Rex to jump out. Everything is covered in smouldering clouds as though a volcano around the corner is ready to explode.

A picnic area sign appeared, so I pulled in for a bite to eat, the site also had a Tomme station service area and a picnic site on the riverbank, GPS Position: 69.14048, 18.60155 near Malselv. The tourist signs said that the river was the 10th best place in Norway for salmon fishing apparently.

Well I figured I’d wash the seat covers as the dogs had got them dirty and as Vin looked more like Bronx black than artic white he got a quick wash too. At the side of the picnic area I spotted an odd structure. A huge stone surrounded by tree trunks. I’ve no idea what it is but many people seem to stop and take a photo, even a coach pulled in for a photo opportunity.

After the washing had a good old soak, I pegged it on the dash (see our washing method here). Then I fed the dogs and then myself.

Time ticked on and I got bored (I don’t fish) so it was time to set off again. Life aint the same without my other half!  A bit further along the road yet another picnic spot appeared this this also had a Sami shop. The Sami are the indigenous people of the area. Well all over this band of Scandinavia to to exact. GPS position: 69.14368, 19.05217 at Balfjord. I quick look and toot was required. The shops we constructed from modern versions of their traditional materials. Think indian wigwams and you get the idea. One small shop sold reindeer antlers, Another sold their skins and the last was very large and sold everything else you could imagine, Knives, clothing, traditional footwear, wooden carvings and quite a lot of typical souvenir tat.

I tootled on in Vin with a few chill out tunes. After an hour or so a huge lake appeared so I found a spot just of the main road with some other campers and parked up for the day.  The ground and everything around was soaked and the water levels looked high but Joanne would have wanted to stop here so I have. Everyone else clambered for a muddy spot by the picnic area, myself and the dudes however drove past everyone spinning their wheels and parked 200m further along on level compacted stone right on the waters edge. Hopefully the rain backs off tomorrow as it looks a nice spot. The air was salty so it’s not a lake but a fjord.

GPS Position: 69.27231, 19.93364 at Storfjord

View for the night.

View for the night.

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