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The north beach on Romo.

The north beach on Romo.

Woke up feeling rather sad and could not figure out why and then I remembered, today we leave Romo. We have really enjoyed our time here but it is time to pack up and hit the road to the North. After breakfast, we did the usual pre move fill up with fresh, empty the waste and check all the cupboards before waving cheerio to everyone.

We headed up towards the north of the island to the small village of Juvre to see a historic whale bone fence but despite our driving back and forth we just couldn’t see it. We have no blinking idea why we want to look at a whale bone fence other than the fact we have never seen one! Anyway, the place was abandoned and not a soul in site, so we turn round and headed to the beach. Just as we where leaving Juvre we noticed a field full of new born lambs.

New spring lambs.

New spring lambs.

We stopped for a look and then right at the side of us a little lamb just born. Awwww.  All wobbly and confused with its little tail fluttering away.  We stayed inside Vin, so as not to frighten mother and child. We watched them both for about 20 minutes before leaving mum to welcome her baby to this world.

We could not leave Romo without one last visit to the beach. Mac n Tosh were well pleased and went wild again. They just love the sand and as soon as we opened the motorhome doors Mac was crying with excitment. This time we took them playing in the dunes and they were up and down like jack in a box. Chasing each other and rolling around like crazy. After the dunes, a long run and trek to the sea across the huge beach, passing all the kites and sand surfers. By the time we got back Mac n Tosh were well shattered.

Playing in the dunes on Romo.

Playing in the dunes on Romo.

The drive off the island along the long causeway was tranquil. Denmark has a calming and laid back feel about it and even though we have only been here a few days, we certainly feel more chilled. Oh before I forget our batteries! A few people have been asking. Remember we had problems well it turned out all the batteries performed pretty much the same. So we figured thats life! They work and summer is around the corner, so more solar on its way, so why fret. If worst comes to the worst then we will just buy another battery. Craig has reconnected all 3 and fingers crossed they stay charged.

We arrived in Ribe and the dogs were still shattered from this mornings beach bash, so we left them snuggled up and headed in to the centre. Only half an kilometre, so not far. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and also one of the best preserved with many interesting buildings including a medieval cathedral (right in the centre) and a beautiful school house. The medieval town is a myriad of cobbled streets lined with crooked and half timbered buildings. Half way along the main street you can see the flood warnings and current repair work to try and protect the town from further flood damage. As we strolled down the street we nipped in and out of the little shops.

All of a sudden it dawned on us, we have no Danish cash! Plenty euro’s but no Krone but then again we have not seen a bank. With that we went on the hunt for a bank / ATM. We searched and searched and eventually found half a dozen banks huggled together on the outskirts of the town. We went to the first place and whoa, why the podium? Craig clambered up the steps and just as he was inserting his card we noticed the defibrillator! An emergency resuscitation for when you see you bank balance, we chuckeld. We withdrew 1,000 danish krone and felt rich! Wow a 1,000 quid, we wish! The current exchange rate is just under 10, so we have around £100. Plenty for a few days in Denmark and any left over can be used to fill up Vin with diesel. Craig quickly reorganised his wallet with euros and krone before speedily heading off back to the high street for some bread and an ice cream. With food in one hand and the sun shining bright, we slowly meandered our way back to Vin over little wooden bridges and alongside beautiful walled gardens.
Back in Vin and more planning…a few more wiggles in Denmark and then we hop on the ferry to Sweden!

Our sleep spot tonight – A free parking spot just half kilometre outside the centre of Ribe. Not the most elegant of locations but we are surrounded by lots of happy Dutch campers, which more than makes up for the lack of views.

GPS position N055.324505 E008.757689

Route: Romo to Ribe

Weather: high 19 Low 3, sunshine and smiles all day.

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