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2016-05-18 at 14-17-49-OsloWe said cheerio to our Swiss neighbours and then headed up in to the hills. Climbing high above Oslo city, zooming passed the cross country skiers and early morning joggers to arrive at the side of Holmenkollen. The views from here are superb and well worth a stop.

Mac n Tosh took us for a cross country walk first around the ski jump centre and then all around the area. Fir trees for as far as we could see providing a beautiful fresh pine aroma and plenty cones for the dogs to play with.

After our jaunt with the dogs we went for a day long ride and walk out around the city. We mostly wandered back and forth between the railway station and the royal palace, peering in the store windows along Karl Johans Gate. The long and elegant pedestrianised street seemed to be relatively quiet after yesterday’s buzzing crowds. A handful of workers grabbing a coffee and two parading police horses taking a gentle trot. We sat at the top of parliament buildings looking down towards the palace and reflected on our short but positive time here in Norway. We cannot praise this city’s atmosphere enough and mingling with the happy, healthy Norwegians is a pure tonic for anyone. It not just that, we have never felt so relaxed and safe and to say that about a capital city is so rare these days. What ever the Norwegians are doing, it certainly feels right.

2016-05-18 at 14-02-14-Oslo

2016-05-18 at 14-10-24-Oslo

Over to the fortress..

Before we headed back we scooted over to the museum on the Bygdøy peninsula, where the city’s finest houses stand on the wooded hillsides, The views from the edge of the peninsula across the water provided a great panoramic views of Oslo from the harbour on the right all the way over to Holmenkollen on the left.

Our sleep spot tonight, up on Holmenkollen overlooking the elegant and charming city of Oslo.

GPS position N059.965998 E010.666707

Route: Oslo

Weather, low 6 high 20. Better than the forecast with another glorious sunshiny day just a little drizzle come early evening.2016-05-18 at 11-17-08-Oslo

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4 thoughts on “Another Fine Day in Oslo

  • Robert Ellis

    Tulips from Amsterdam ,i thought you were in Holland for a minute ,gorgeous ,Some more great photos and another Exellent read ,one or two people have stopped me and asked ,Is that your Joanne who’s writing and putting those photos on Facebook ? She’s certainly getting around ,Good on Her ,So you’ve got a few local followers ,It doesn’t seem you’re having any problems with Mac n Tosh ,good Keep enjoying & stay safe