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Lofoten Islands

Can you spot the little shack?

Todays forecast is wet and wild, so when we woke to blue skies and scorching sunshine we were a tad surprised. We jumped up, popped on the shorts and t-shirt and went for a good walk on the beach. Nothing like a morning stroll, sunshine on your face and two little dogs flicking sand all over you.

When we returned from our walk a German film crew had arrived. We spotted them yesterday a few miles down the coast. We have no idea what they are filming but its serious stuff with a full wardrobe, covered up car, an army of people and directors chair. We would normally wait around but looks like everything is top secret, so no doubt all the scaffolding will go up soon.

We packed up and headed across the island of Vestvagoy, the 2nd major island in this wonderful archipelago. In comparison to the other islands, it is relatively flat but still plenty rugged bumps here and there. We slowly made our way to Borg to the Viking museum. As we prepared lunch the news came through that our friend was too ill to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Our hearts sunk, we were lost for words.

We had a walk around the Viking centre but it wasn’t long before we were discussing a change of plan and change of route. Our minds couldn’t focus, so we set off to the next village. Our drive to Henningsvaer was a mixture of admiring views and discussing timescales and how we can arrange flights back home.

Lofoten Islands

The coastal drive perched on the edge of a towering mountain was outstanding with bay after bay and loads of picnic stops for motorhomes. Once in Henningsvaer we had a decent wifi signal and so after chatting with our friends, we started looking at flights. I am going to fly home for a week to help our friends in the best way I can and Craig is going to stop in Norway with the dogs. The nearest flight was from Tromso but juggling the connections and availability was a challenge. We eventually sorted a flight for next week.

Lofoten Islands

The village of Henningsvaer

We went for a walk around the village before it pickled it down (original forecast for today). They nickname this place “Venice of the North” but it is far from anything like Venice unless of course you class a few houses on stilts as Venice? It had one or two OK little shops but the rest of the place was disappointingly tatty. It was far from nice and not a patch on the other fishing villages in and around the Lofotens. It just needed a good scrub, lick of paint and plenty tlc. The views out to sea where nice with rocks, boulders and mini islands but the oil seeping from the marine tank was very off putting.

Lofoten Islands


Our wild camping spot today, Henningsvaer car park at the beginning of the village. We along with around 20 other motorhomes are all snuggled in pending a night of wind and rain.

GPS position N068.156151 and E014.208152

Route: Ner Hag to Henningsvaer

Weather: Low 13 and high 28, beautiful sunshine with a little bit of high humidity!


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