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Make an Avtex TV play more movie files.

Avtex-TV-TipsThe TV we have is a Avtex L186DRS LED TV/DVD/PVR Combi with Satellite Decoder. It plays movies, music, pictures etc stored on a USB stick or drive and it has a DVD player built in. It connects straight to the satellite dish with no decoder as it is also built in, it’s even 3D capable and full 1080HD. It’s a superb TV with good sound from a rear facing speaker and has a brilliant picture.

We use none of these feature except one, The ability to watch films and movies stored on a hard drive attached via one of it’s USB sockets. By default the Avtex TV’s only play MP4 movie files. However if you press the Source button and then type in 0852 on the remote it allows you to change some settings in a hidden menu, select USB at the bottom of the list and change it to on, The TV now plays MKV, AVI and DIVX files too.

“Choice is always better than no choice.”

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      • Gary Davies

        Okay, thanks. After reading about it in your hints and tips I thought you had. I guess it’s no problem to carry DVDs but think it would be much better to have them all on a USB stick as it takes up no room. A brilliant and inspiring blog by the way! The most we have done consecutively is 86 nights touring England and Scotland.

        • Bumble Crew Post author

          Cheers Gary…89 nights is a fair achievement! We absolutely loved Scotland and hope to go back one day.
          Apologies if we confused you x x x We used to use the DVD but now we just buy digital downloads or free documentaries. I guess technology moves on.

  • truadi burgess

    Hi Joanne and Craig – just a quick question – do you every watch tv while abroad. Or just watch films. We like to try and keep up with the news. Any suggestions?

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Sorry for the late reply, We have a sat dish on the van but we can only get UK TV when we are still close to the UK, the further away you get (ie a couple of hundred km away from UK) and the signal drops off, We can choose other satellites but they are mostly in other languages but there are always a couple of English speaking news networks available everywhere. Sadly you cannot watch UK TV over the internet either as it is blocked when accessed from outside the UK. To be honest were are not that clued up on the sat systems available but they all seem to have the same issues too, (even with huge dishes etc the signal still fails) We tend to stash as many TV shows, documentaries & movies etc on an external USB hard drive before we leave the UK and plug that into the TV and watch them (we’ve still not seen everything on it after 8 months) Hope this helps