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Just a hop, skip and jump from Vin the motorhome is the youngest sea on our planet, the Baltic. Such a shame we have a house and a concrete wall blocking our view otherwise we would we would have the perfect sea view.

One more scoot around the port & marina

One more scoot around the port & marina

Yesterday, we had a great time in Skagen, so another gander is on this mornings list of things to do. Oh the chores of life! First a walk around the port, which originally renowned for its herring industry. For generations Skagen’s economy has been based on its fishing industry which continues to boom today, facilitated by its fishing harbour, the largest in Denmark. The port is heaving with fishing boats of all shapes and sizes and lots of smelly nets for Mac n Tosh to stick their snout in to. We didn’t realise that Skagen also has the country’s main herring processing facility and the world’s largest fish oil factory.

Skagen Church

Skagen Church

The marina was pretty quiet in comparison to yesterday. Scruffy hair, pale faces and slumped bodies suggested the majority if young boaters were busy nursing a serious hangover. Nothing like blazing sun to make you feel better…not! A quick stroll around the boats and then off for a wander through the shops and art galleries. Skegan’s second attraction is its light, which attracts artist from far and wide and has done so since the 19th century when it became popular with a group of impressionist artists now known as the Skagen Painters. Their galleries and open air workshops are very much part of the town. On the winding high street you find painters, glass bowers, potters and goldsmiths, and you can see at the craftsmen at work. A very pleasant stroll indeed.

A house with a view

A house with a view and crystal clear water

After a stop at Netto for a few more cheeky beers we packed up Vin and bumbled off…where to, we hadn’t got a clue. I know, over there then a quick wiggle and a sharp right, that should do. At the point where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea and down a bit. Oh my isn’t that just amazing! Over there, go over there! We followed an inviting yellow stone road until we hit a wall of sand. Not a soul in sight, so we parked up Vin. Skagen lures visitors with its bunkers, fishermen and artists, but the greatest hidden gem has to be here. An array of sand banks and the most beautiful white sands all just a mile or so outside the village of Hojen. There aren’t many places in Denmark where you can find genuine untouched landscapes, but one of the few places is definitely here.

Excited with our find, it didn’t take us long to grab the leads, shut the door and set off to play in the dunes. A languid tangle of cycle paths, walkways and snake slides all running parallel to the coast. Yep, snake slides! Within 5 minutes we’d encountered 2 snakes. Only small ones but still not something I care to play hiss with especially with two energetic pups. Once we hit the sand Mac was off like a giddy kipper, he just loves the stuff and Tosh, well he just loves his bro.

Once out the dunes we hit the beach and wow. It was so white and fine, and not what we expected. The sea too, it was drop dead gorgeous…and thats the north sea! Crystal clear waters, so clear we could see hundreds of tiny jellyfish…eek. Thankfully, we spotted them before I ran in with the dogs. With not a soul on the beach we enjoyed several miles of beach and dunes to ourselves. We had a good couple of hours walking up and down and playing in the dunes. We even tried out our go pro and its fancy head strap…yes, I know I look a plonker but got some great shots of the dogs.




2016-05-07 at 13-46-52-Skagen

Our Sleep Spot…you can just see Vin in the distance

After a wonderful sunset on the high dune peak we called it quits and snuggled down for the night. After we waved good night to our neighbours, a couple of wild deer. Standing proud in the dunes looking down on us, almost giving us the nod of approval. This place is special…what a fantastic sight to end a perfect day.

Our sleep spot tonight a little hidden gem (shush dont tell everyone) right on the beach and just outside the village of Hojen.

GPS position N057.719904 E010.510849

Route: Skagen to Hojen

Weather, low 11 high 28. A whopping 28…we have pink cheeks and tan lines!

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