Beach n BBQ

We woke to a glorious blue sky and the sound of cuckoo’s and wood peckers. Perfect, so off for a jog with Mac who was reluctant at first but once in his stride he was excellent just trotting along at my side. I headed along the dirt country lane and not long before I arrived at Hannah and Carl’s new camperplad. Its not finished but once complete, it will hold 75 campers around another big lake with shower facilities and massive TV room. Good on them and I hope it does well for them. I arrived back with a spring in my step, so a quick swap Mac for Tosh and off I went for jog No 2.

When I returned Craig was busy chatting to our friend Hans. As men do they were comparing engine parts and talking about oily rags and stuff. Hans and Greta were heading home today, so not long after we said goodbye and wished them well at which point, Craig returned to fixing one of the dog leads. During a Mac n Tosh fun fur ball they had managed to snap one of their leads, so Craig took it to pieces. Big mistake. The spring loaded puzzle had Craig scratching his head. Eventually he worked it out but at this point he had rendered the lead a pile of crap so whizzed it and never to be seen again.

After breakfast…somewhere around 12.30! We went and explored the island of Romo on our little motorbike. The island is about 6 x 4 miles. The western edge is exposed to the North Sea and home to some of the best sandy beaches in Denmark. And those winds, well brilliant for attracting windsurfers and kite surfers and today, we saw plenty. The most popular beach area is at Lakolk on the central western coastal strip. This weekend is a bank holiday just like in the UK, so campers are parked on the beach enjoying the holiday and family time. Parking for all vehicles is permitted on the beach but overnight parking is not permitted. The half mile wide beach is huge and difficult to see the sea from the awesome sand dunes. If you fancy a skinny dip then half a mile trek is the only way….brrrrr. Apparently, in summer, this beach turns in to a wild romp with anything and everything joining in the Danish how do you do!

To the north of the island a military base, to east mud banks and wading birds and in the middle grassland and heather. The island is not densely populated and most of the buildings are lovely thatched farm houses surrounded by land with grazing sheep or the odd ‘please adopt me’ donkey. Everywhere you look you can see little stands at the entrance to the farm or cottage with produce or goods for sale. Whats nice is the fact it is all based on trust with payment left in an honesty box. The island church, at Kirkeby was originally built in Gothic style. It is consecrated to St. Clemens, the patron saint of seafarers and contains a number of ship models and old tombstones within its graveyard.

Back at base and time for BBQ No.2. This time chicken kebabs and fresh homemade bread with a nice bottle of red. We also have new neighbours, a quiet couple from Sweden and a bubble couple from Holland. Mac n Tosh particularly liked the smell of the Dutch sausages. With all these great smells wafting around they somehow looked rather surprised and very disappointed when I presented them with a dog bowl of dry dog biscuits.

After checking out the warm, cosy TV lounge, which was so warm and snug, we called it quits for the day and headed to our pad for cuddle and a coffee.

Our sleep spot tonight – Plot no 22 at Oasen Camperplads Rømø.

GPS position N055.094237 E.008.540818

Route: stayed put on Romo

Weather: high 21 Low 2, glorious sunshine all day, happy Bumble crew!

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