Bungie Uses

Bungie-TipsBungie cord, not just the type with hooks on the end, the thinner stuff on a reel in long lengths.

Well its great for small washing lines on windows when using with those suction cups hooks (about £1p each in Wilkinsons/Wilkos.)

Make putting things in you waste bin easier by putting a length around the bin lip, it stops your rubbish bag from closing and always falling in.

Tying small things up in the garage (or in my case a boogie board to the back wall) Just stretch it and the board comes straight out yet keeps it in place the rest of the time.

Fix a missing or broken habitation door spring (Click here to read more.)

A loop on your keys so you can put them around your neck or wrist.

A length of bungie holds our spare water containers up out of the way in our garage so they are not taking floor space up.

It also clips the dogs in their baskets so its nice and short BUT stretches enough so they can still move.

Use a length as a lead for tying your dog outside, It’s short but stretches a long way for freedom but also if the dog ran towards say a cat it won’t snatch at the neck the same as a regular leash.

If you keep one end attached all the time to something and it’s the type with hooks on then bend the hook around your mount point so it doesn’t fall or fly off if you let go when it’s stretched.

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