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Cadac BBQ

Everyone loves a BBQ.

Well last night we had another BBQ. We like do our barbies, who doesn’t, so I thought i’d share my thoughts on the one we bought.

A South African company called Commercial And Domestic Appliance Company (Cadac) make a variety of BBQ’s but the one we have is the Cadac – Safari Chef LP Barbecue. It is a compact collapsable BBQ that is ideal for Camping & Motorhomes. The legs fold out on springs and support the main bulk very well, the unit can be used as a stove for one pan, use one of the included hot plates to make crepes/pancakes etc, the lid doubles up as a wok although i haven’t tried that yet. and obviously used as a BBQ. The whole unit comes supplied with a canvas style bag to keep everything in including any small cleaning utensils.

It’s simply superb and a must for pretty much everyone, I have cooked everything in the little thing from huge ribs of beef with proper roast spuds to simple garlic prawns.

If you use one of those metal sandwich tins upside down in it, you can bake fresh bread without it burning , again use the crepe plate for nan/flat breads. Roast chicken is no problem either but I always take the legs and the bottom of the rib cage off first to ensure a perfect even cook and it speeds up cooking time.

I fitted a four meter hose and it plugs via a bayonet fitting into the side of our van but you could connect it directly to a gas cylinder with the appropriate gas regulator. In fact get the longest length of hose you can so you can use it where you want or if the wind picks move it out of the wind oh and a great cleaning tool to get all the crap off after is a simply a one inch paint scraper.

Verdict: Well we have had the Cadac for 4 years now and it’s never let us down, it’s easy to clean and the bag it comes in is still in one piece too.

Since we wrote this the Cadac Safari Chef has been updated and is now called the Safari Chef 2 and is under £90

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3 thoughts on “Cadac BBQ Review

  • RV Neal

    We had a full-sized Cadac years ago but found it a pain to carry with us. It had the Skotteil Brai and the dome lid and it must have been nearly 2 feet across! We didn’t use it much but I wanted a “real” BBQ suitable for camping. In the end we got a Cobb, it’s much more compact than the Cadac model we had, it can burn charcoal (but we use the Cobbettes – made from recycled coconut shell !!!) and you can grill, fry, roast, and bake anything. Horses for courses I guess?