Capileira to Malaga

Tuesday 28 April: Capileira to Malaga

Today we are going from Sierra del la Sol to costa del Sol – mountain to beach in one day. Today is all about the drive and soaking up the wonderful mountain views and passes. We continued to follow the peaks of the Cordillera Penidetica mountain range with the highest peak of Mulhacen always in view at 11,421 ft high. There are 16 peaks in total and the highest peaks remain snow capped all year even though they benefit from the nice warm climate of the Mediterranean. We drove along windy roads that clung to the valleys and mountains just like me butt cheeks clung to the chair. At times, I am sure Craig drives close to the edge to see me squirm. Men do have a cruel sense of humour.

Not long and we arrived at our first stop, Trevelez. The highest town on the Spanish peninsular at 4,841 feet, sitting on the southern slopes of mount Mulhacen. The town is only small and not much to it but we are here for its piggy! To be precise, white hogs that roam the slopes pigging out on acorns. The village is famous for it Jamon Serrano, which is all prepared here. The hock is rubbed down with course salt and then hung in the drying sheds for at least two years to mature in the cool mountain air. A walk around the factory including watching the master butcher carve a full leg in to portions for sale. We love hams, so nothing for it, we bought a nice lean piece that will last us a good few meals unless I scoff it when Craig’s not looking.

For lunch, we headed out the village and down the river, so we could admire the village from afar. Then with full bellies off we set meandering up and down, in and out of the lower valleys. It truly was a wonderful drive with some stunning views. At one point we drove down to 300m above sea level and then within 15 minutes we were back up 1,100m. Great for views but not for fuel economy.

After spending most of the day gawking out the windscreen at the beautiful countryside we arrived on the coast. We’d popped out at Motril and surprise, surprise it had a Lidl. Giddy Craig popped in for a few bits including a bottle of wine and a couple of lagers. On route to the beach we tried out McDonald’s wifi but the connection was terrible. Then we got stuck in a traffic jam….what’s this a traffic jam in Spain. We have not hit a traffic jam since I worked in Manchester, this feels really strange. Then a few cars in front we could see the hold up. An airplane wing. Yep, an airplane wing of all things. Not what you expect to see going around a roundabout. Eventually they carefully got the wing down the road before turning left in to a field. Two minutes later and we were parked up admiring the sea, the sunset and the palm tree.

Motril GPS Position: N36.722880, W-3.532447

Wednesday 29 April: Motril to Nerga

Craig, I think we need to move


Because there are a load of cars parked at the side of us.


Yep, 12 learner drivers all anxiously awaiting to take their test and think we might be in there way.

Bloody Hell !

I hope they know what they are doing and don’t start off with a blinking bunny hop and prang Vin.

We’d parked on a lovely quiet street at the side of the beach but little did we know it was the driving test street. We set off in search of safety.

The drive along the coastal road was very nice and the little resorts looked quite inviting. Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere to park Vin, so it wasn’t until we reached Nerja that we found a parking space. Not the best in the book but just on the edge of town on a little lump overlooking the main road.

Nerja 1 GPS Position: N36.750480, W-3.882799

We cycled towards the beach in search of a better spot. Not long before we found several spots, one of which was right on the beach. We moved Vin down to the beach and tucked in just behind the garden allotments, perfect. No one could really see us and a hop, skip and jump and we were on the beach. Granted the Costa del Sol doesn’t have a great beach with pebbles and black mica sand but it does have a cracking coastline and backdrop of snow capped mountains. What a view! We quite like it here and certainly much better than its reputation.

Nerja 2 GPS Position: N36.742996, W-3.889626

Parking at Nerja. Enter from the Towns end of the beach.

Parking at Nerja. Enter from the Towns end of the beach.

Hello, Hello.

An English couple spotted the UK registration plate and came over to ask us about traveling to Spain in our motorhome etc. We had a good chat and convinced them it was a good thing to do…wonder if they will give it a whirl?

Thursday 30 April: Nerja

Today, we chilled on the beach, which feels like a first for us. Craig lasted all of five blinking minutes before he was up and scouring the beach for stones. Jeez Craig sit down.

After lunch we had a nice stroll in to the village. Lots of little bars, restaurants, cafes and tourist shops. But all done is a really nice way. Nerja is a lovely holiday place and it is somewhere I would come back to on a two week holiday. Not often we say that! In the centre of the village the ‘balcony of Europe ‘. A ledge decorated in flowers that juts out to sea providing s great view 360 view.

Despite all my best efforts Craig wouldn’t budge when it comes to having our tea out. Looks like I am gonna have to start eating out on my own!

Joannes soaks her feet in Nerja.

Joannes soaks her feet in Nerja.

Back in Vin and I soaked my feet in salt water whilst Craig watched an ant and the conversation went something like….

Hey look at this little fella, he’s carrying my big toe nail. He is a strong bugger, wonder if he will use as building material or eat it?

Then for the next half an hour, I had a running commentary on how the ant went through rough terrane before arriving home. The ant got Craig’s seal of approval…maybe he will take the ant out for a celebration meal!

Friday 1 May: Nerja

Beach bum day with not much to say except the Spanish gardens/allotments that back on to the beach got busy. After about 1pm they started to arrive and by 4pm the gardens were full of families enjoying the sunshine and BBQ’s!

In the evening, wait for it! We went out for a meal and few drinks. Yep, you heard me right. Craig admitted defeat on the nagging front and after 5 months on the road he finally went out for an evening meal. I couldn’t believe it. Craig even put on some nice togs and shoes (as opposed to his crocs that are now welded to his feet). Well we had a truly wonderful evening and would do it all again…tomorrow. To Craig that means we have to wait another 5 months!

Saturday 2 May: Nerja to Malaga

We made mini El Torcal stones from the beach pebbles before setting off to Malaga. The coastal road was great and loads of places to stop off along the way.

Tomorrow, I have to fly home for a couple of weeks but I am hoping Craig will do one of his bumbles. We’ll wait and see…………

View towards Nerja.

View towards Nerja.

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