Chopping Board Repair

I repaired the sink cover/chopping board again, When it gets hot the cover and chopping board expand at different rates causing the top to bow and then de-stick itself from the board. I’ve tried double sided sticky foam but the water condenses on the surfaces and breaks the glue after a few days, I have thought of just using some Sikaflex (incredibly strong mastic) but I’m saving it for a rainy day.

Last option is to use silicone sealant, I’ve tried it once before but it only lasted about two months, I’ve done it again but this time a made it a little thicker to allow more flex in the boards.

Tools required = 1 Bucket full of pebbles to flatten everything, 1 mastic gun and tube of silicone, 6 BBQ sticks as spacers and 24 hours to let it set. Trim of surplus mastic with a Stanley knife after set and remove the sticks.

Fingers crossed it works for longer this time

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