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Motorhome TuscanyThe sun is fierce, so we seek shelter in the form of a drive and a blast of air con. But not before Mac n Tosh finish our yogurt pot.Motorhome Lucca

Once out of Lucca, the roads are badly broken and with every twist and turn we bump around like kids on a bouncy castle. Progress is slow as Craig takes his time avoiding the huge truck wing mirrors (why are they so big and butch?) and massive pot holes. Often stopping to let them hurtle on through or finding a passing point to let they steam on by.

All going well until we pass through a tiny hamlet with a narrow road. We were taking our time but the on coming lorry was too busy on his phone to notice us. Craig quickly navigates to the widest point. He sways a little to avoid the truck mirror and we hear a thud. Arrrggghhh. The lorry carries on regardless. We pull over as soon as possible and step outside fearing the worst. Thankfully we’ve only clipped a small bollard as we’ve swayed. The paint residue is polished off with a bit of t-cut leaving Vin unharmed. Phew!

We set off again but within ten minutes we hit roadworks at Fabrica. We follow the diversion sign off the main road along an avenue of cypress trees. At the end of the road the signs disappear and we are left guessing. We apply logic, which we later realise in not a good thing when in Italy as logic does not prevail. The smooth tarmac roads continues for several miles and then stops. No warning, nothing. We steadily drive on to the rough and unpaved road wondering where the hell we are. As we drive plumes of dust swirl all around us, its hard to see where we are going. We plod on until we arrive at tarmac. Craig gently puts his foot down, 30 mph seems awfully fast after the bone shaker road.

Motorhome Tuscany

Eventually, our journey continues at a reasonable pace. There’s not much traffic on the roads. A few trucks lumbering along, the odd mad scooter but hardly any cars to be seen. As midday arrives we’re in desolate land, with dust blowing and the smell of scorched earth wafting through the vents. The sun blasts down and catches the tops of the swaying wheat making them glitter and sparkle. We stop for a bite to eat and admire the Tuscan hills. Peace and tranquility return!

Motorhome Tuscany

Our journey continues and all is well until we arrive at another road block (blocco). Craig curses!. A policeman looks over and points us down the only road option available. Craig mutters and swings a left. We travel for what feels hours along a dusty and unpaved road. At the end, you guessed it, another road block. What is going on, we wonder?

This journey is taking an eternity and fraught with frustration because we feel we are going around and around in circles. We dont mind road blocks but they should at least give you diversion signs. CoPilot is rather brassed off too, he development a tic, twitching and flickering as he struggles to understand why we are in the middle of a field. At the end of the field another ‘get lost sign’. Getting lost is not good fun but when you look at the views, what a place to get lost in!

Motorhome Tuscany

Once again someone hides the diversion signs, so we are left guessing the best route. We swing a right which leads promisingly through a sun kissed countryside of wheat fields. Up and over the hills by which time the road starts to narrow. Before we know it we are back on a single track road, which feels like private farmland. Craig is now rather animated, which seems to catch the attention of the nearby pigs.

Motorhome Tuscany

We are just about to give up on visiting Volterra when the town comes in to view. Its looks weirdly bland but fascinating and lures us along. As we get closer to Volterra we pass huge metal rings dotted in the middle of fields. They appear to be random in their placing with no information. So what they mean we have no idea.

Motorhome Tuscany

We arrive in Volterra and head straight for the municipal sosta. A gravel and dust parking spot with dedicated camper parking at the top and mixed car park at the bottom. The fee including services is €10 with a small additional charge for electric. A good location as its based right at the bottom of the steps which lead straight to the centre of the village…oh but there are 256 steps with no shelter and its hot! Is the day of twists and turns worth it…we will let you know tomorrow!

Our Bumble paid motorhome sosta at Volterra GPS position:  N043.403237, E010.864631

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16 thoughts on “Cinque Blocco and Dusty Trails of Tuscany

  • David

    I love the way you write your blog, I can always visualise being on a journey with you. Thanks for making an old man very happy.

  • Ali

    Back Roads Italy yes we have done a few and yes you do see the true Italy, but personally the toll roads are much cheaper than the French Tolls and so much better than tearing shreds out of your van and tyres on bouncing uneven roads. Just a thought better to be safe than sorry. Still loving the blog and wishing we were out there too. What’s the long term plan?

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Not sure on the long term plan. We are lucky in that we dont have any fixed date to be home (apart from annual mot), so we have quite a bit of time. We are going to head along the west coast and visit all the places we missed in 2014. At that point we will take a rain check and options.

  • Robert Ellis

    Tuscany didn’t seem so interesting to me & I don’t think the dudes liked it either ,Did you ever figure out what the traffic cops were looking for ? It must have been frustrating for Craig ,All the polishing & cleaning of Hymer & those wagons had no respect grrrrrrrr,You should have put a big 2 beside that 0 ,you may have got some money of 02 for Advertizing ,Hope you find a nice Town or Beech next stop ,so until then safe travelling luv PopsxxxGet them Yogarts dude xxx

  • Coop

    The metal O is part of a series of artworks by Mauro Staccioli, designed in part to make you stop and admire the views. See more about them at (www)