Clouds, clouds & more clouds, Oh & Baby Rudolph too. 4 Comments

I awoke to the sound of more rain. The tide was out and the photo opportunity never came around, sorry folks. Time to move northwards again.  After an hour or so it was time for a quick break, Another stopping place appeared with nice views and a couple of parked up campers, presumably the fishing was good here too as the vans all had fishing tackle outside. GPS Position 69.51235, 20.70126 at Kafjord.

After my refreshments I moved again and the kilometres kept slowly ticking down. The weather improved to the point of no rain but the clouds kept spoiling the views. I so wish they would clear just for a while then I can take a picture and see what this place looks like. It looks beautiful.

The rest of the day was basically a constant up a mountain and down the other side, around a fjord then repeat over and over. The last mountain pass of the day appeared and for a few moments the clouds had thinned to reveal a superb view out towards the arctic ocean with hundreds of islands scattered throughout the sea. Typically there wasn’t a stopping point on the road so once again no photos.  I passed a bend in the road and then the sea was gone again. Now it was replaced by hundreds of free roaming reindeer. There were also loads of young ones too (Joanne won’t be please she missed this) a pull in spot appeared so I managed a couple of quick piccys before some pratt pulled in, jumped out and ran over towards them, quick as a flash the reindeer all legged it. I wasn’t amused just like the poor reindeers. The pratt abruptly then left so I sat in the van for a while hoping for Rudolph & co’s return. I could see them in the distance but they were to far for a photo then everything was engulfed in cloud again.

Oh well, time to find somewhere to park up for the night. I descended back down and popped out at the sea again, a couple of minutes later it was all stop, A nice little patch on the waters edge. Including noisy seagulls, it’s a hard life! I had spoke to Joanne earlier too but her friends health is deteriorating quickly, I left her to it not wanting to interrupt them for too long.

The big decision for the rest of the day (No nights for a while yet, it is still daylight) is what’s for tea, chicken most probably. I am sure if I eat any more of it I will start roosting and clucking in the night. Although it may well BBQ seagull on a plate if they don’t shut up for a bit.

GPS position: 69.94101, 22.04641 in Burfjord. It has water & waste facilities too.

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4 thoughts on “Clouds, clouds & more clouds, Oh & Baby Rudolph too.