Cough up the Krone

Vin parked up after day one of the repair process.

Vin parked up after day one of the repair process.

Well the jobs done (fingers crossed anyway) Vin finally left the garage along with a big bill, just under 25,000 Nok and a much thinner wallet.

The Mercedes dealers were very kind and understanding, they offered us/me a place to stay in the day with the dogs if I wanted. They even plugged Vin in too, not that he needed electricity, just motion ;-), They just charged us for the labour and the offending faulty sensor, they didn’t charge us for the expensive gear oils etc that needed to be replaced after his surgery but it ain’t a cheap repair at well over £2,000.

Joanne caught her ferry to Tromso at 4pm then waited in the little airport until 10am the next day. She slept rough on a ripped but padded chair in an abandoned airport.  Next day, she caught her flight to Stockholm then waited a few more hours and finally caught her flight to Manchester at about 8pm. Her sister Mandy picked her up and then she finally crawled into bed for some well needed kip.

A quick nip to the supermarket for me (a six pack of beer awaited). I figured I should at least try the finest Nordic fish aka 8 mini fillets served with fresh new potatoes cooked in the finest olive oil, also served with a side order of sweetened tomato. To be honest it was just chips and the cheapest box of fish fingers with ketchup squirted over the lot but it went with the cheapest beer very well.

After my gourmet meal it was time to call it quits for the day. Six cans later and a couple of films I was in bed. Night, night.

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