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Our Bumble country guides aim to give you practical information on the countries we have visited. Here you will find tips on finding places to stay, shopping, budget tips, road systems, money saving tips as well as a key driving laws and government website.  Anyone can use the information to help you travel cheaper and longer.

The date of visit shows when we last visited the country, so you know how up to date the information is.

Quick Tip: In an emergency, call 112 from anywhere in EU.

A full UK driving license is accepted in most EU countries, but the minimum age for drivers differs. In Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Norway and Sweden, the minimum age for UK drivers is 18. In Portugal, Denmark, Greece and Ireland, the minimum age is 17. Those travelling to Sweden must produce a valid passport in Sweden if your license does not have a photo.

For latest travel information and advice check out Foreign & Commonwealth Office website

The majority of police carry ATM technology in their cars for on-the-spot fines. If a tourist refuses to pay the fine or a deposit, the police can confiscate their driving license, registration documents and even vehicle.

European National Holidays

National holidays are different in each country.  We sign up to email notifications for the countries we intend to visit then we make sure we plan our journey to avoid any unnecessary traffic or crowds of people. Plus national holidays are usually a time of celebration so you can check out and join in cultural events.  The website we use is

Filling up with LPG

If you use LPG sometimes referred to GPL, Gasauto or Autogas then you will need to carry the European adaptor kit.  We have 3 different brass adaptors to ensure we can always fill up with LPG.  We have a Euroconnector, ACME connector and dish connector. LPG is readily available across Europe and if you would like the GPS coordinates for your navigation system, check out this website. or visit our Points Of Interest page for the latest navigation POI’s.

Our European travel kit includes the following

  • Warning triangle x 2
  • Spare Bulb Kit
  • Reflective / High Vis Jacket x 2
  • Breathalyser X 2
  • Parking disc
  • First aid kit in strong dirt proof box
  • Fire extinguisher

Countries Visited in the Motorhome

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