Croc’s, good or bad? 2 Comments

2015-07-03 at 18-49-57-Zaragoza

Washing my beloved Crocs.

Walking in an out of your motorhome can mean you constantly bring the outside dirt inside your motorhome. Whether that be sand, mud, snow, dirt, grass or any other outside particle and it can drive you bonkers. We bought some Crocs, so we could slip them off every time we went inside. They are not ‘hip’ but are great in any weather and don’t get wet, smell or need any fancy cleaning products.

I must admit I vowed never to have a pair but they are brilliant, I am a complete convert and have a bit of a Crocs collection of them now in Black, Brown, Tan’ish, & Grey’ish. They are great on pretty much all surfaces and end up sort of moulding to your feet.

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2 thoughts on “Croc’s, good or bad?

  • wethreewitches

    crocs saved my life after a bad ankle sprain. I wear them all the time now – home and motorhome – I have the traditional crocs clogs, flip flops, sandals, flat shoes, and boots – I don’t care whether they are fashionable. I can walk miles in them – and a quick wipe with some Fairy Liquid and they are good as new. It’s good to see you have a collection too.