Drying Your Clothes

If you stay on a campsite you are permitted to hand out your washing but if you stay on an aire or wild camp then you are unlikely to have permission to hang up the washing outside.  Also, what do you do if it is raining?  Here are a few tips.

  • Create an internal washing line in your windscreen. We use net curtain rail.
  • Park your windscreen facing the sun. Fit a net curtain rail in the front of the van, drape over your washing and hey presto, an excellent way to dry your clothes very very quickly without spoiling the landscape or annoying your neighbours.  This works all year round as long as the sun is shining
  • Tea Towel Dryer – We have put some small elastic across the front door casing so we can hang up the tea towel. It not only drys it but keeps it fresh.
  • That bungie I mentioned, well its great for small washing lines on windows when using with those suction cups hooks (about 50p each in Wilkinsons/Wilkos.)
  • We have two spare leads, the retractable type, which I personally hate, they are very good though for instant clothes lines.  They are are adjustable in length to about 30 feet and easily attach to trees, poles or whatever because of the dog clip on the end. I wouldn’t recommend using it with the dog at the same time though, dirty washing just waiting to happen.


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