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What do you attached the dog too you may ask? well rather than tie him too one of those large corkscrew type things that pet shops sell (which only work in grass) attach a couple of stainless steel or galvanised d’ring/eyelet’s to your van, that way it’s a doddle to clip him on as soon as you open the door. We have four at various points around the van, none are visible so don’t look funny.

Those same d’ring/eyelets are also a great way to clip any doors open, motorhomes and caravans usually have a door clip to keep them open, sadly they’re useless in windy conditions. Just attached a length of thin rope to the inside of the door and then clip the door open on the eyelet, no more trapped fingers or legs when the door slams closed.

The same type of d’ring/eyelets also hold our washing line that surrounds our dash.

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3 thoughts on “Eyelets & Dog Ties

  • Julie Stanhope

    Hi I’ve ordered some of the clips to attach the dog go but was just wondering where on your van you’ve attached them? Not keen on drilling into the body work?

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      I have screwed them under the van, two near the back doors, also one near the front under the gas locker, the underside of your van will be plywood and fibreglass so its not a problem, you could also screw it to the side of the step on the aluminium arms, just make sure it will still open and close properly and not catch the bodywork. The dogs can get in the way of the doorway though if placed here. If possible put them in a position where they can be used for both dog and tying the doors open but easily accessible.