Fifty Shades of Grey

Church Flower

Church Flower

The batteries are still not performing, so back to our original plan. Disconnect all 3 and just connect 1 at a time and see how they individually perform. Craig has a gut feel that 1 is not holding its charge and therefore dragging the other two down. After connecting just 1 battery Craig had a walk over to

Market Square at the side of MarienKirsche

Market Square at the side of MarienKirsche

Marienkirsche whilst I had a shower and took the dogs for a walk. However, Craig came back disappointed..the church did not open until 10, so he hung around for a while and then when it did open he had no money for the entrance fee, he’d forgotten his wallet. Gutted and cold we had a cuppa and then we headed out to the Morain Hills in search of some nice weather.

The area of Holsteinische Schweiz has over 140 lakes and set amongst rolling hills and countryside. It is popular with tourist destination for walking and cycling but not today, as it never stopped raining. Sorry, I tell a lie, it stopped for 5 minutes whilst in Bosau and then later in the day it stopped for 20 minutes for the snow!

In Bosau, we pulled over and stopped at the side of the tourist information office. The village is very small and situated in the Ploner lake. This pretty and picturesque village did not seem to have the charm you might expect and not sure if it was down to the rain or the fact every home is now a commercial bed and breakfast..or a combination of both. The Romanesque church and graveyard situated on the edge of the lake is worth a look. It was the first bishopric in this area and home to Vizelin, the apostle of the Slavs. Inside, very simple in design with some beautiful paintings and elegant wood work. Before we set off, we took Mac n Tosh for ball time on the village green but due to local flooding the ball game was postponed…booooo.

By early afternoon we were taking shelter from the snow storm in a Lidl car park…and whilst we are here, we might as well stock up in readiness for Norway. Everyone says Norway is expensive and so we are filling Vin up with all the essentials or in Craig’s case booze and fags.

With Vin bursting at the seams we moved a few kilometres down the road to a camper parking spot in Plön. Situated right on the edge of the lake it was beautiful…but for the blinking weather. The parking is free for cars and €5 for motorhomes but we cannot find anywhere to pay our €5. Maybe someone comes and collects? Well we have our €5 ready! Near the main car park entrance there is a service point with fresh, grey and black water at a cost of €1 for 90 litres of fresh.

After the hail storm..yes another hail storm, I went and fed the ducks with some left over bread whilst Craig went and took some photos of the lake.

Our sleep spot tonight, a lovely aire located on the lakeside in Plön surrounded with little bushes and budding trees.

GPS position N054.153008 E010.404180

Route: Lubeck to Plon

Weather: high 11 Low 5, fifty shades of grey sky and not a sexy bod in sight.

Our sleepy spot view...perfect

Our sleepy spot view…perfect

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