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Motorhome Clubs

Annual membership fees as at March 2017

Boundless – £25

Caravan & Motohome Club £48

Freedom Caravan & Camping Club Free to join

Motorhome Forums

Motorhome forums or message boards are an online discussion sites where like minded people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Love them or hate them they are an invaluable source of information.  If you find a forum you like then it is usually down to the friendly banter and sharing comments with like minded motorhome enthusiasts.

Campervan Life – CampervanLife is a community website celebrating all things campervans. It is run by Darren Lambert, a campervan van fan and converter. You can register for free.

Club Motorhome – Club Motorhome has been created for owners and enthusiasts.  Their aim is to provide you with essential motorhome facts, knowledge and to enhance your motorhome fun whether you are wildcamping, staying on campsites, pub stopovers or Aires in Europe. Social membership free, full member £12.50 p.a.

DIY Motorhome – For self build motorhome enthusiasts.  Registration prices are not clear.

FMCA – Family Motor Coach Association (USA). Great forum if you plan to motorhome around USA. Motorhoming community, full of solutions, great ideas and peer-to-peer support for all motorhome owners.  Full membership $60 p.a.

Motor Caravanners Club – To further and promote the interests of Motor Caravanners. To Encourage the development of Motor Caravanning. Establish and maintain high standards of conduct in Motor Caravanning. Hold Rallies, Meetings, and Displays and Co-operate with similar organisations. The annual membership fee is £33.50 plus a joining fee of £5.00 which we will waive provided you complete a Direct Debit Mandate for your second year’s subscription.

Motorhome 365 – forum for people who full time in their motorhome. Registration is free but not sure about membership fees as no mention on home page. Jim commented below…its free.

Motorhoming Wild – Forum for wild camping, which dedicated to the memory of Leo De Bruyn, Belgian, who did so much to help find and enjoy many wild camping places. Guest are free but membership attracts a fee.

Motorhomefun – Information and forum for motorhomers hosted by Jim. For the most part, the forum, articles and reviews within MotorhomeFun are a free resource. You can see answers to thousands of questions, read current best practice articles as well as keep up with motorhome news. However much of the site is hidden or restricted unless you are a subscriber. Subscriptions cost £15 a year. We are members and find the site very helpful and useful.

Motorhome Facts – registration is free, after 5 posts you need to register for membership. The price is not clear.

Motorhome Owners – A free friendly and informative forum for Motorhome Owners

Motorhome Talk – Arrange rallies and meet ups with your fellow Motorhome Talk members. Guests can access a range of posts but full access is by subscription only.

Out & About Live – the forum site behind MMM magazine.

Small Motorhome -The Small Motorhome and Friends Forum. We started as a forum for small motorhomes but as people moved on and had different units we now encompass all types of units, from small or large motorhomes to tents and caravans. Self build vans are also very much in discussion.  You need to register before you can post.

Motorhome Magazines

Discover Touring Free digital copy or £4.99 per printed magazine

MMM Magazines – 1 year £45.99 print or £39.99 digital

Practical Motorhome – 1 year £42.99 print or £32.99 digital Guides

Europe CamperStop £20.24

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