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Family Photo

Family Photo

We opened the door to blazing sunshine and the smell of wood smoke. Not sure if someone is enjoying an open campfire or the smell from last nights fire still lingering on our coats.

Today, we are off for a hike to Briksdal Glacier. The walk up to the edge of the glacier is not far (about 45 minutes each way) but we fully intend to enjoy all the surrounding and make a day of it. We got ready and Mac n Tosh got their walking paws ready. They could sense an adventure and couldn’t wait to get our the motorhome.

A little bit of background to help position where we are – Jostedalsbreen is an ice plateau, spreading across 190 sq. miles that stretches from Nordfjord to Jotunheimen mountains. In certain parts the huge ice mountain is 1,312 ft thick and up to 6,396 ft above sea level. For years the glacier was a barrier between east and west Norway but with modern engineer, access ways now connect the two. In 1991, Norway placed the glacier under the protection of the Jostedalsbreen Jostedalsbreen National Park….and that is where we are.

At the start point you can see two arms of the glacier – left Briksdal and right Brenndal. Both are huge ice masses that look spectacular from near or far. We took a left turning up the loose gravel pathway. You can catch a little car up to the glacier if you want but really, it is much better to walk, so you get to all the surrounding area, it is worth it. The glacier took residents by surprise a few years ago when the glacier started to move. It advanced a whopping 984 ft and had everyone rather concerned but now it looks like it is back in retreat mode.

Our walk took us passed rivers, rainbows, waterfalls, meadows and endless panoramic views. As for wildlife, we spotted a few fjord horses, half a dozen goats and loads of butterflies. We reached the top at 5,576 ft, the dramatic glacier was absolutely amazing. You could see everything from jagged ice pieces to small waterfalls at the base. Occasionally, you could see movement is some of the ice chunks, which will eventually fall off, often referred to as the babies. The blue waters from the glacier flowed in to a trio of multicoloured lakes. It was a beautiful and stunning natural sights.

Mac n Tosh loved their walk but it was rather warm, so as soon as they reached the top, Tosh took a dive in to the glacier lake. Off he went for a cool down swim and loved every minute of it. Mac on the other hand desperately wanted to join him but his inner nerve got the better of him. He stood on the rock and watch. He eventually dipped his paw and then you guessed it, fell in. He was out like a shot. He is a character.

2016-06-10 at 13-15-43-Olden

Our walk back down was equally as enjoyable and we can’t recommend this area and trek enough. It is brilliant. Here is a little taster of our day and hopefully you will see why we have fell in love with this place (See our video page or visit our YouTube channel for more videos.)

Back at base and after a bite to eat we head off for a little pamper. The campsite sauna and cool shower, refreshing and just want we needed after a dusty walk. Then for a few cheeky beers sat around the open fire in the communal wood hut.

Our sleep spot tonight..Melkevoll Bretun second night in a row!

GPS position N061.664000 and E006.816657

Route: Birksdal Glacier

Weather: Low 7 and high 25…glorious sunshine all day

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12 thoughts on “This Glacier is Mint

  • Robert Ellis

    Exellent photos,you’re sure finding some beautiful locations,lucky you ,Mac nTosh seem to like it,don’t let their poor little feet get frostbite,Enjoy you’re hot tub & a good nights sleep & see what tomorrow brings ,weather just turning to rain now

  • Graham carter

    Beautiful pictures and what an experience. I do have to mention though I googled the glacier to try and find out where it was and found a company that does glacier walks has stopped all trips because the glacier is moving and unstable. So be careful out there…..

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Thanks for the info Graham. We will be uploading the video shortly and hopefully you will get to see how beautiful it is. I will also go and find out about the glacier and see if it is moving. Joanne x

  • Miles and Poppy

    Great video, looks fantastic. Really enjoying the posts. Heading north to Norway ourselves early July, Can’t wait.

  • Barriie Clarke

    Don’t know if you got my other comments but in a nutshell you are very lucky finding these beautiful places dogs seem well didn’t know they could dance just like Beau when we get back after leaving him at home, video of the walk was great good choice of music. lot’s of love Michele and Dad

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hey! Good to hear from you both. Norway is certainly a beautiful place and we are enjoying it very much. Mac is feeling a little down and fink he needs a bit of Beau therapy.

  • Christine and Brian

    Been following your travels through Norway. We started our trip on 8th July and stayed at this great camp site last night and did the glacier walk today. Magic. Hope you have a fabulous time in Finland. Will be following you on your blog. We are back to England on 14 August.