Stopover..Links to Campsite, Aires, Sostas & More!

Need somewhere to park your wheels then check out these motorhome camping and parking sites.

From campsite, motorhome stopover or parking space they are all listed below.  Motorhome stopovers are usually operated by local authorities where as campsites are usually privately owned.  Vehicles can stay overnight or longer depending on terms and conditions specified on a sign by each locality.

Helpful Links

Archies Camping – List of European Campsites

Area Autocaravans In Spain – Map of places to stay in Spain

ASCI Camping Card – List of all the auto camper services across Europe

Camper Contact – Parking website for motorhomes

Greek Parking Spots – Pete & Judy’s maps of places to stay

Italian Sostas – List of the Italian Sosta’s only in Italian

Park 4 Night – Great website for sharing and finding parking spots

Peejays Stopovers – Map & coordinates of places to stay in Greece

Pub Campsites – The place to be to find a UK campsite with a pub on site or very near.

Search for Sites –  lists of campsites and motorhome parking places in Western Europe

La Paca – Website dedicated to Spanish aires, service areas and events.

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