Country Guides

In this section of posts we tell you a little about each country giving specifics related to that country, we haven’t done them all yet but will do as we get an opportunity.

Motorhomers European Country Guides
Our Bumble country guides aim to give you practical information on the countries we have visited. Here you will find tips on finding places to […]

Country Guides

Hola Think of Spain and you instantly relax, sit back and enjoy happy thoughts of a scrumptious sangria or an ice cold San Miguel whilst […]

Spain Guide

Ola Portugal is blessed with excellent golden sand beaches, coppery cliffs and rugged coastline with plenty hidden coves and bays. To the south the warm […]

Portugal Guide

Ciao Three words to describe Italy…passionate, colourful and bonkers! Italy is a travellers paradise and if there is one country to visit, Italy is one. […]

Italy Guide

Bonjour Endless fields of vines, grand châteaux, sun drenched beaches, vibrant lavender fields and shabby chic villages all conjure up fabulous images of France. It’s […]

France Guide

Hallo Think of Austria and you will probably think of something like the opening scene to The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews singing and […]

Austria Guide

Hola A mini country tucked between France and Spain. When we think about Andorra we think about cheap booze, fags and endless duty free bargain […]

Andorra Guide