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Welcome to our 1st blog on our new website!

Would you believe we have been at home for 4 months! It feels like we’ve been home ages but at the same time it has flown, if that makes sense. We’ve done loads of stuff but the best bit has to be seeing all our friends and family…and on the flip side, the worst bit about setting off for a 12 month adventure, the goodbyes. If there is one thing I hate about setting off, its the thought of not seeing family and friends.

Time too set of for a new adventure.

Time too set of for a new adventure.

We zoomed all the way from Manchester to Dover and caught the 23.15 ferry to Calais. Only stopping for a quick tea break at McDonalds and to let Mac n Tosh out for a quick pickle. Although after 2 hours we did pull over to nurse a sick dude. Tosh seems to get a little travel sick on long jaunts…oh dear, not a good start to the travels. A travel sick, travelling dog, now that will be interesting. Watch this space folks and if anyone has a relief for the little chap, give us a shout.

We arrived at the port two hours before departure. After zipping passed passport control (because we were in the wrong lane although no one stopped us) we proceeded through the maze of lanes and bollards avoiding the occasional strategically placed port personnel to arrive at checking in. We handed in our human passports to quite a chirpy port attendant who then instructed us to head to lane 164. The dog’s were not impressed, they never even got a sniff or a snout on their passports. All that fuss and no one checked our handsome mug shots.

The first in line and two hours until sailing time, so we cracked open the water tap and made a nice cuppa in our new funky kettle (King Hoff). It looks well cool for a stove kettle and the rubber wooden looking handles are well grippy. The boys had a spot of dinner and a quick stretch of their paws before the man in the yellow jacket arrived to signal everyone onboard! Whey hey, we are off. A wiggle and a shuffle before we shot up the ramp and onboard the P&O Pride of Britain ferry. We said too-da-loo to Mac n Tosh and headed upstairs for an hour and a half wander around the food halls and duty free.

So what have we been up to since our last trip? Well it feels like we have done loads of stuff but the main focus points were the website, two puppies, motorbike test and prep the motorhome. First the website, we have never done anything website related before so plenty research before we set to designing what we wanted. The format was important because we wanted to keep it simple, easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye. We messed around with loads of themes until we finally settled on one we both liked. The aim is to share our adventures, pictures and posts as we travel around Europe in our motorhome. As we have been travelling since 2014 we thought it would be a good idea to post all our previous travel so it gives everyone a sense of where we have been to date and what we are about. Preparing and posting all our old travels took quite a bit of time. Craig spent most of his days cutting and pasting the blogs whilst I went and did a few weeks work, which I absolutely loved. We also got ourselves two little miniature dachshunds, which are now 6 months old and took our motorbike test, so we can ride out new little monkey bike. Both of which you will get to see over the coming weeks, I am sure.

Time for a snooze.

Time for a snooze.

Back in Vin the motorhome, we altered the clocks by one hour and then waited for the thumbs us to rock and roll. First off the ferry (we have a video which we will post once we have a good wifi connection) we wiggled our way over and under the network of roads before popping out on the main road to Calais town centre. Two minutes later and we were at the aire and shutting shop. A manic morning followed by a 500 km drive and a ferry crossing…we were shattered. We snuggled up and drifted off to z’z’z land.

Tonights sleep spot – aire €8 per night including water.

GPS coordinates 50.966736N 1.844989E

Route: Home to Calais

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18 thoughts on “Here we go: Trip 2016

  • Chris Lockyer

    Have a great 2016 ..
    Where are you going to visit this year ..
    We are off to the hills abve Xabia, Spain from our base in Brittany via “The rest of France” in May ..
    We look forward to hearing from you

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Thanks Chris, this year we are braving the elements and heading North. Every time we visit Europe we do a another section of France, its so big and beautiful and lots to see. This time we are do covering nothern shoreline.
      The hills should be great and very pretty, enjoy and keep in touch x x x

  • Allan and Janet Salkeld

    Away you go – looking forward to following your adventure I’m sure that you will all have an amazing experience

  • Gillian Brown

    Hi Jo, long time no speak !! I must still be in your address book as I was surprised and delighted to read about your adventures – good luck it sounds like a lot more fun than accounting! Gillian (agility resourcing)

  • Adrian & Sara

    Good to see you back on the road, love the look and feel of the website. With just over three Months to go before we hit the road, we are busy prepping our old Hymer and getting the house into rentable shape.

  • Nick

    We had a collie that was car sick, we were told to give 1/2 a sea legs tablet an hour before traveling and she was never sick again. She was a lot bigger than your two so suggest you try a1/4 or less

  • Barbara Spurr

    Hi- Good to see you on your way again- the dogs look lovely. We have a new addition- Bess the second who is 18 months old- adopted of course! She gets on quite well with Toby. Still spend time at our house in France. Taking Mum for a holiday there in May. Good luck and take care . Barbarax

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hi Jo, when we travel we post on a daily basis (these posts are the start of each journey) and quite often we do not know where are going. We do change the links down the side on an adhoc basis to reflect different stages of our blog. But…I do like the idea of directing people to specific routes, good pointer, cheers!