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denim dog collars

Mac n Tosh with new denim dog collars

A little article on how to make Designer Denim Dog collars.

Does your dog go through their collars quick? Dog collars can be expensive to buy & difficult to locate when you are travelling around, as pet shops are not as common or easy to find.  So if you are in the middle of Europe with a chewed collar then why not make one of your own?

As you know we have two mini dachshunds – Mac n Tosh. Mac does not chew but Tosh is a little sod pot for chewing and when our backs are turned he quietly nibbles away at Mac’s collar. Over the last 3 months he has managed to chew his way through several of Mac’s collars from their smart leather collars to simple webbed neckties.

One day, we had no collars, no scrappy rope and no walkies! We hunted high and low to find a pet shop or vets but after several days we gave up looking. Nothing for it, Craig to the rescue and within 5 minutes he’d made two designer dog collars.

Homemade Dog Collars

Tools required

  • Denim tassels from shorts
  • Scissors
  • Needle and cotton
  • Shackle or something similar like a keyring (from old dog collar)
  • And of course, a Dog!


  • InariAt one end of the tassel, turn it back on to itself to make a small loop.
  • Stitch down to make a loop.
  • Measure the tassel around the neck of the dog and allow a little slack, so the collar is not too tight.
  • Leave enough material to make another loop.
  • Trim off excess and now make another loop on the end.

Place the completed tassel around the dogs neck and thread the shackle through both loops. Job done! 


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