Internet & Data

wifi-moneyMobile internet access and availability is improving all the time.  On our 1st trip in 2014 we only used a MIFI device but on our 2nd trip in 2015 we used a SIM card in our iPad.

Data SIM

We purchased a monthly data SIM card for our iPad. It costs £15 per month for 10gb of data, which is ample allowance for what we need.  When we are not using the internet we always turn off the feature, so we don’t use up our data allowance when roaming.

As a rule of thumb, cellular data is a lot slower than wifi and in some countries it is painstakingly slow. Remember the days of dial up…well be prepared to zip back in time folks!  Having said that, cellular technology is new and so, it can only get better.

MIFI Device

A little black box with a data SIM.  We used this in 2014 and in 2015 we used it as a back up. It is wifi device and so much faster than cellular but it does come at a premium price. The Europa SIM costs €3 per day for 500mg and in Italy it was €2 per day.  The Europa SIM went off the market about a year ago when it lost the backing of Vodafone but our SIM is still active and we still top up via La ricarica Vodafone.


Free wifi is on the increase and all over Europe you can jump on and off free wifi spots.  Here are our main tips for free access

  • McDonalds
  • Apple store
  • Most paid aires in Portugal offer free wifi
  • Tourist information offices
  • Sport centres, libraries and community centres
  • Cafes, bars & restaurants
  • Town centres offer wifi to entice visitors to their main squares and plaza’s
  • Petrol stations in Slovenia
  • Most paid aires in Portugal offer free wifi

Free Phone Calls

With good wifi connection you can phone family and friends for free. Try FaceTime, Viber or Skype.

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