Introducing Mac n Tosh

Mac n Tosh

After months of searching we managed to find these two twins to join us our family.

Woof cool dudes! We are Mac n Tosh two mini dachshunds twins about to embark on a doggy adventure around Europe. Welcome to the Mad Dog House were we woof, bark and wag our tail about anything and everything doggy related.

Our mum and dad have a motorhome and normally they would be off on their travels by now but instead they have decided to stay in their ‘normal’ home for a while until we are a wee big bigger.  This way they can puppy train us and help prepare us for our adventure, so we settle in to our new family.  Over the coming weeks they are going to help us write a doggy blog to show how we grow big and strong and get ready for our travels.

A Little Bit About Us

We were born on 2 October 2015 but after a couple of months our real mom ‘the bitch’ kicked us out of her pad. With our tail between our legs, a microchip in our neck and a bag of dog food in our paws we waddled all the way to our new home. It was scary stuff but we put on a brave face alongside big puppy dog eye’s, little whimpers and uncontrollable wee wee’s. After a couple of days we settled in to our dog house and life soon became pretty pawfect.

We arrived at our new home. We had lots of toys and a big new teddy bed but we were so scared and shy that we just hid behind the ears of the huge doggy bed.

Occasionally, we stuck our little heads up to take a toot at our mummy and daddy but mostly we just chilled and snoozed.

Our Dachshund Tree


Sire – Take a Chance Max
Dam – Miss Sally Ann

Grandparents (Sire)

Sire – Mix n Match Jack
Dam – Annie Rose

Grandparents (Dam)

Sire – Woodland Rio
Dam – Sally Golden Girl

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