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Door Handle

Door Handle

We were snug as bugs in our bed and as we opened the blind to peak outside, the drab, grey weather did nothing to entice us to get up and go. But have no fear, our two little wieners came bounding over to wish us good morning. Wagging tails and a wiggle accompanied by lots of kisses. What a way to start the morning. The rain had driven everyone inside and the place felt deserted. Even the puddles looked miserable.

Well chuck, where shall we go today?
Left, right or straight up?
Decisions, decisions, decisions!

We consulted Marg our GPS over a cup of coffee and she suggested we head up and a little tweak to the right to the city of Lubeck. We had a quick toot and agreed, so we packed up, tucked the dogs in and set off. The journey took several hours and was mind numbingly boring. It rained all the way and apart from road spray, rear lights and large rain drops we didn’t manage to see a thing.

We arrived in Lubeck and parked up on one of the dedicated motorhome parking spots. Located on the river Trave and right in the heart of the city (excellent location). There are two motorhome parking spots, a small one which is quiet and costs €6 for the day or a large one over looking the docks but a lot of passing traffic at €10 for the day. However, the large one would be quite nice on a sunny day.

We waited a few hours until it finally stopped raining then ventured in to the city. We wrapped up warm with the thermals and bob hats. Lubeck was one of the most important town in the Baltic basin and is now a magnet for fans of Gothic brick architecture. The whole town seems to be built with fancy brick work from church interiors, the facades of buildings, the city gates and the unique town hall. After I danced towards the 1466 Holstentor gates we strolled in to the city. Zooming passed the shopping district and straight in to the town hall market square.

With half a dozen market stalls selling local produce from sausages to sweets. To the right the Buddenbrookhaus but difficult to appreciate as it was covered in scaffolding. Craig had a toot at the 1266 town hall and its usual walls and turrets whilst I went inside the famous marzipan shop, Niederegger to buy him a wee marzipan present. The shop was full of goodies and so much to chose from but in the end I opted for a cherry and chocolate marzipan bar and a huge rum ball….which he scoffed within minutes hence no photo!

Then off to the Dom and lucky for us we just managed to have a good look around before it closed for the evening. Inside a massive 55 foot cross sculpted from a single oak tree and several elaborate graves of clergymen who opposed the war.

Then back to the main street to have a look at the most elaborate building Marienkirsch but unfortunately not today. It was shut and covered in scaffolding. On our way back to Vin we chatted about Lubeck…some ok bits but on the whole disappointed and certainly not a patch on Bremen.

Our Parking Spot, great location shame about the weather

Our sleep spot tonight, a dedicated parking spot for campers right on the river with great views of Lubeck city skyline with its numerous copper church steeples. The parking spot is slightly elevated with bushes around the perimeter. €6 for 24 hours.

GPS position N053.871535 E010.678728

Route: Bremen to Lubeck

Weather: high 9 Low 3, grey, wet and miserable with not a single ray of sunshine.

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