Microchip your pet.

Microchip your pet.

With lots of travel plans on our agenda having a microchip was not only mandatory requirement but something we personally wanted to do. It is simply the best way to identify pets.

Implanting The Chip

Dogs over 8 weeks old can be fitted with a tiny microchip, the size of a grain of rice, which is inserted under the skin at the back of the neck. Fitting is no more painful than a normal injection and the microchip will normally remain in place for rest of the pet’s life. The chip has a unique reference number, which is registered on a database together with the owner’s details. Using a hand-held scanner the microchip’s number can be read, which allows the animal to be identified and matched to its owner.

Microchip Companies

There are several companies that operate in the UK and from 6 April 2016 all dogs in England over 8 weeks old must have a microchip.  Click is a link to the government regulation

Mac n Tosh received their microchip via the breeders vet. When we collected Mac n Tosh, the breeder took down all our details and submitted them to Pettrac, the company. A few weeks later we received our registration certificate and details. To make sure everything was up to date and to be able to access via the web we completed the on-line registration. It took two minutes to register and  allows us instant access to report any changes and heaven forbid, if Mac n Tosh get lost, it means they have a better chance of being found. http://www.pettrac.co.uk

The chips are only effective if the information is kept up to date, so we’ve placed an annual reminder in our calendar to log on and check the details.

The Future?

For us, we await the day the microchip technology includes an implantable GPS chip, so we can track down the dog, where ever they may wander!

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