Mobile Phone


We have two phones

  1. Standard PAYGO
  2. Toggle SIM Card

Standard PAY GO

Mobile phone costs whilst travelling abroad are expensive.  New rules are coming in to force but until they do it still remains complicated to understand and expensive to use. The best way to save money is to stop using whilst abroad but this is not always practical. However, to keep the costs low and under control we only use our mobile phone for phone calls. We never use it for data, to browse the net or send photo’s therefore keeping the costs low.

This UK mobile number that we keep at home and anyone can contact us on, anytime. We top up with a couple of quid each month to keep the number active.  We use this for receiving calls and texts.

Remember to turn off the roaming feature!

Toggle SIM Card

We have a Toggle sim card that enables you too make international calls at local rates in most countries. Again, it just helps keep the costs low. We bought it in the UK and then each time we enter a new country, we check and register for a local number.

International Phone Cards

Whether dialling from UK to overseas or vice versa, it is worth checking out the rates associated with phone cards. The toggle SIM is good but not always an options.  You can buy phone cards from most newsagent or street vendors. When I fly home to the UK, I purchase a Tesco phone card, so I can telephone Craig on his mobile for a fraction of the price compared to my mobile phone provider.

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