Money Matters

One aspect to a SUCCESSFUL trip is being smart with your cash.

Before you embark on any trip you need to work out how much money you will need for your journey and more importantly…what kind of lifestyle you wish to live. This planning stage is key and the more you prepare before you hit the road the better the adventure. Running out of cash half way through your trip is something we all want to avoid. In our Money Matter articles we have jotted down our simple but practical ways in which we have been smart with our money, so we can carry on living our dream as long as possible.

Exchange old currency pounds
It’s very common that people think their old currency is worthless, but then it turns out that on average it’s worth more than £100 pounds. […]

Hidden Treasurers in our Travel Drawer

Motorhome Insurance Providers 12 Comments
Motorhome Insurance Whether you’ve bought your motorhome for annual holidays, weekend breaks or simply a change in lifestyle, it is important you get the right cover […]

List of Motorhome Insurance Providers   Recently updated !

EU Roaming Charges 5 Comments
Every time we enter a new country our little phone greets us with a beep beep, beep beep. Only to be quickly disappointed to find […]

New EU Roaming Charges

Free European Activities
An evening with the Stars Increasing popular. No need for fancy stuff just find a great vantage point and a clear sky. Step outside your motorhome, […]

11 Great Free Activities

Motorhome Health & Medical
EHIC – Medical Cover The European Health Insurance Card provides free or discounted medical treatment whilst in the EU.  It is free and easy to […]

Medical & Health Cover

Mobile internet access and availability is improving all the time.  On our 1st trip in 2014 we only used a MIFI device but on our […]

Internet & Data

We have two phones Standard PAYGO Toggle SIM Card Standard PAY GO Mobile phone costs whilst travelling abroad are expensive.  New rules are coming in […]

Mobile Phone

There are three types of places to park up for the night Campsite – most expensive Aire – reasonably priced Wild Camp – free Camping […]

Camping Costs

The banking sector is now on its way to be coming pretty standard and universal no matter where you are in the world.  You will […]

European ATM’s

Before we set off, we researched a number of foreign exchange card options and decided the Caxton Euro FX card fitted our travelling lifestyle. However, […]

Euro Currency Card

Every business that trades in foreign exchange will make money, so do not be fooled in to thinking you have a great deal. How they […]

Currency Options

Before we set off travelling we rarely used cash, everything in the UK was pretty much debit or card based. However, in Europe, day-to-day spending […]

Cash or Card?

Do not overstock your cupboards with food just simply buy for a few days to a week. This way, you use all your food, it […]


So how much did our 1st trip cost?  Well for 2014 the bottomline = £8034.58 for 131 days for 2 people and 1 dog. Here’s our breakdown…   […]

2014 Trip: The Costings

2014 Trip We set off on 11 April 14 and arrived home 4 months later on 18 August 14.  So far, we have covered a […]

2014 Trip Statistics