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Born to be wild.

Born to be wild.

Our homemade & custom built motorbike dog carrier!

Like us our dogs were born to be wild! We needed to find a fabulous way to bring our pooches along for the ride, in safety, style, and comfort. We looked at a selection of production dog carriers but none of them were quite right or too expensive.  So we opted to make our own motorcycle dog carrier to keep our dudes riding in style!

Once Dad passed his motor bike test…yippee. That meant we could go for bike rides in the helmet box. Once dad has converted the box and added aircon, windscreen and fluffy blanket our portable pad will bolt on the back and off we go! Pawfect

A few days after dad passed his test, mum & dad tried out our new box on the motorbike and it is fab. We didn’t go anywhere just sat in it (to get used to it). Can’t wait until dad fits the windscreen then we can see outside… great vantage point.

For several weeks dad constantly tweeted our helmet box, so it would be ideal.  Each time he did a tweak we got to sit in the box until we grew to love it. By the time we had our first adventure we were’t too scared.  By mid March we were ready for our first mini adventure. Dad strapped us in tightly and we travelled very slowly all the way down our street and around the corner.  It was scary stuff but at least we got there in one piece. When we stopped mum appeared!  Dad had taken us to meet mum when she finished work.  Mum was just as excited as us.  We jumped out of our box and then mum walked us all the way back home via a field or two.

How dad made our box

Dad bought a twin helmet bike box for £25. He drilled a few holes around the side and back for air vents.  He then debated the best way for us to view where we where going in a safe way.  After several days of scratching his head, searching the shops for ideas, designing all sorts of weird and wonderful viewing devices he ended up just cutting a big hole in the top.  The hole is the right size so both of us can poke our head out. Around the edge he has placed some padded foam, so the edges are gentle on our necks.

Then he cut out a top cover (rubber backed mat) and screwed down one side, so it acts as a cover on a hinge.  That way, if it rains we are covered up and it its dry we can poke our wee heads out and have a toot.

It goes without saying, we get strapped in, so no flying dogs!

So us dachshund dudes can now travel in our own doggy box on the motorbike!  More exciting photo’s when our adventure begins!

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2 thoughts on “Easy To Make Motorbike Dog Carrier

  • Paul Post author

    Good evening I have been following your blog and enjoying your adventures.

    How do you find travelling with two dogs do you take them with you every day and do you find it a problems eating out or seeing places.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Thanks for getting in touch Paul

      When our old dog passed away, we spent several months without a dog. It felt strange and our life felt quite empty. The flip side we went anywhere and everywhere but did it really make a difference, not really. We did the same things with or without the dog, it just meant we could go on longer walks or stay out a little later…but that was partly down to the fact our old dog was 15.

      Mac n Tosh are pups so endless energy and we find they go most places with us – walking or in a cycle bag. Most places in Europe allow dogs to enter, so much easier than in UK. If we want to visit some place without them then we just make sure we spend a few hours before hand taking them for a big run. They get shattered and sleep and we get to visit on our own.

      We tend to eat in or should I say out doors with the BBQ but that is down to us mainly wild camping. However, if we do go out for something to eat we usually leave the dogs in the motorhome. They are fine and enjoy guarding their pad.

      Hope that helps