Motorhome Drives – Suleskard Pass

Amazing Drive

Motorhome Drives – Suleskard Pass, Norway. This scenic road is only open in the summer, as the snow is too deep through the winter months. Starting by Ådneram and Suleskar in upper Sirdal, the road climbs up and over the plateau and down again into Setesdal to join RV 9 south of Valle.

As well as a beautiful drive, it makes the journey to Oslo a couple of hours shorter, so there are trucks and coaches as well as cars using it…but we never passed any! There are several places to stop along the way, with walks or picnic spots. If you are lucky enough you can even have lunch on one of the sandy beaches by the edge of the many tranquil lakes. A truly magical and unique environment and much more than a transport pass.

Directions to the Pass from Oslo

  • Start from Oslo and take road E 18 to Drammen. Distance is approximately 30 km
  • Turn into road E 134 towards Kongsberg and follow this road to Notodden, Seljord and Høydalsmo. Distance is approx. 167 km.
  • Turn left into road RV 45 and follow this road approx. 73 km.
  • Then turn left on to road RV 9 towards Valle. Drive circa 18 km.
  • Turn right into Road FV 337 towards Suleskard. Drive approximately 42 km.
  • Turn left towards Sinnes. Drive about 1 km and you will see the sign to Lysebotn.
  • Turn right and drive approx. 32 km. You will see the Lysebotn Tourist Camp on your left side when you arrive in Lysebotn.
  • Total driving time is about 6 hours.

We took this video when driving along the Suleskard Pass in Norway, If you would like to read the full post just click here.

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