Motorhome FAQ’s

Motorhome FAQ’s

Here are some of our frequently asked questions about the how, why, when and where as well as living and travelling in a motorhome.

What are you doing?

In 2014, we took a big risk and packed in our jobs in exchange for a life of travel and adventure.  We are traveling around Europe in a Motorhome called Vin with two dogs.

Why are you doing this?

Well, it’s always something we dreamed of but in 2013 a run of back luck, a ream of bad news and loss of loved ones made us realise…life is too short.  So we grabbed hold of our sensible and secure life and traded it in for a carefree and adventurous life on the road.

When did you start?

We set off in April 2014 and apart from a couple of months back in the UK to do the ‘UK chores’ we are still exploring.  We nip back home to the UK once a year to renew the motorhome MOT as well as sort out any UK bits & bobs.

How long are you travelling for?

Initially, we thought we would only have enough money to do this for a few years. We expected to spend about £25,000+ per annum when in reality we spend less than £10,000.  That means we can travel a lot longer, yeah! See 2014 Statistics page or the 2015 Statistics page.

Where are you going?

Well currently we are bumbling around Europe and will continue with Europe until we get bored or run in to another continent.  I (Joanne) am a day dreamer and have visions of us heading across China or South America before driving the motorhome up Mount Everest for an overnight stop. Craig on the hand is the practical one with less sense of adventure until of course, I give him a challenge and then the worlds our oyster. Craig is currently working out the driving route to Mount Everest, so watch this space.

How are you funding this?

For years, we worked our bloody socks off and saved our money. So, we’ve traded in our thread bare socks for flips flops and now living off our savings.

Does it cost a lot?

To our surprise, traveling Europe in a motorhome is a lot cheaper than living at home in the UK.  All in all it costs on average around €25 per day for everything – diesel, GPL, food, road tolls, camping, entrance fees, repairs, clothes, insurance, servicing and eating out. See 2014 Statistics page or the 2015 Statistics page.

What camera do you use?

We have a Canon 70D with an 18-135mm lens.

When you are wild camping how do you deal with your black waste?

Typically we can go for around 4 days before the need to empty our toilet cassette, which makes wild camping a lot easier.  Disposing of black waste varies between country. Some countries are easier than others, Norway for example has lots of ‘Tommi stations’ for disposal of black waste. These stations can be found at fuel stations and town car parks as well as motorhome stopover points.  If we cannot find a proper service disposal point then we head to a fuel station, as most of them have toilets you can use. Alternatively, toilet facilities can be found on major road stopping points/rest areas, service stations or aires. If you still struggle then you can always remove a drain cover!


If you have a question you’d like to ask then just drop us an email at and we will add it to the FAQ.

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