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Our Bumble Website is now 2 months old!

We are starting to receive lots of encouraging emails and messages from like minded people about our site and our motorhome life. Lots of questions about the why, the where and the how, so we thought we would give everyone a little bit of background about us.

A Bit of Background

We are both in our mid to late 40’s and been together for 30 years doing normal stuff like building a career, working long hours, paying off the mortgage and finding hobbies to help us chill at the weekend. Then one day in 2013, we made a decision to get out of the rat race, enjoy life and go travelling in a motorhome. But what was the real trigger I hear you say, what really pushed you? Well, a few things. We’d had a few years of bad luck and some real challenging times and the constant stream of ‘what next’ took its toll.

The Final Blows

Things were at a real all time low when in late 2012 came another great blow. My mum (Joanne) was diagnosed with vascular dementia, it broke my heart.  I cannot even begin to tell you how it turned our life upside down. Together, we went through every emotion from shock, grief, anger, upset and of course, denial. Here is a link to a video we did for our local trust. We also appeared on the BBC and mum became one of the poster girls for a dementia awareness campaign. Mum is still active but her memory is sadly deteriorating and since we set off in April 2016 she has got worse. I phone her most days but if I am honest, I am really struggling emotionally. This disease is so cruel. One day when I am strong enough, I will tell you about it.

Our final blow in 2013, our brother-in-law was diagnosed with a rare form on cancer. To watch a fit, young, healthy person be taken by cancer was horrid and soul-destroying. Russell was the most kindest man you could ever meet but after several months of hospital tests and operations he sadly passed away. But the hardest part was to watch my sister lose the love of her life.  We hit an all time low, questioned the meaning of life and decided life is too short, so lets live and enjoy it. So, apart from the odd few months at home we have been travelling ever since.

Motorhome Life

As a rule of thumb we travel to a new place each day but if we like it, we stop a while longer. We mainly wild camp, which means if we like a place, we stop, which tends to be in the middle of nowhere. We are sensitive campers in that we never park in front of people’s homes or in places where we shouldn’t park. Normally we travel between 30 and 50 kilometres per day this not only keeps the diesel cost down but more importantly it keeps us from dashing everywhere.

Last year, our best buddy Peanut died at the ripe old age of 15. We did a few months without him but our life was not quite the same. In December 2015, we found two little miniature dachshunds Mac n Tosh who are full of puppy power and loads of love.

Sharing Our Dream

So why share our travels? Well, originally I wrote weekly newsletters to mum to tell her where we had been and what we done. Overtime the audience grew, so the following year Craig helped me put together a weekly magazine. Once again our audience grew and by the end of 2015 our email circulation list was too much to handle, so we designed and built our own website….Our Bumble.

We share our stories for all sorts of reasons – just for an interesting read, to share our photo’s of beautiful places, to tell you about places you might like to explore and finally, to share how we live, eat and cope living in a motorhome.  We will share the up’s the downs and anything else that might happen, so as my old boss said “hold on to your hats, we are going for a ride”.

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20 thoughts on “Motorhome Life

  • Robert Ellis

    Just keep on Bumbling Along and enjoy it ,you’ve found some nice places and met some new friends and just think you’ve Loads of places you’ve not discovered yet ,With Mac n Tosh two good guard dogs they will look after you,Keep your chin up ,don’t let Craig and those two puppies down,Loads of Luv DADxxx Craig xxx Mac nTosh woof woof xxx,Enjoy xxx

  • Mike Fisher

    Hey Joanne
    I know exactly where you’re coming from as a lot of people probably can identify with in some way or other, and we’ve had our recent share of questions about life the universe & everything! Although we’re not touring…YET…we are full-time living and sadly working but our time will come. Your blogs are interesting & informative and so many times I’m saying need to go there, ooh look at this…..
    Take care, look after each other and oh…keep ’em coming!

  • Steve

    Hi Jo. Such an inspiring story. I hope you carry on living for every day. I’m glad to say that my wife and I escaped the rat race too. I now work part time (for myself but still in UK Private Healthcare) in the beautiful town of Denia in Northern Costa Blanca. Such a different way of life to the UK, I wish that I did it years ago. Sending you all best wishes. Keep bumbling! x

  • Ann Schmidt

    I have probably said it before but I love reading your bloggs, especially between trips in our Auto Cruise Alto (as yet un-named), usually to France, Italy etc but we have been through Germany & Denmark to Sweden.
    I can also empathise regarding your mother (mine had some form of dementia when she died in 2011) & friends and family both winning and, sadly also losing, battles with cancer.
    So, yes life is too short – go for it!
    Keep up the blogging too 😊

  • Paul Jackson

    Life can be cruel but it can also be joyous. We can’t control some parts of our lives but we also have lots of options. I’m sure your Mum is happy that you’re living such a full and enjoyable life, experiencing great places with your loved ones around you.

    Two key events in life guided me towards a plan to retire early with my wife, travel and life life to the full – surviving the Falklands War (when some friends didn’t) and listening to my parents plan their retirement together, then seeing both die before they reached it. I decided there and then to do all we can to live the life we want – bring on the ‘Gap Life’!.

    We can always make more money but we can’t make more time.

    Thanks for your openness and great blog posts – keep inspiring others to follow in your tyre tracks!


    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Thanks for that Neil means a lot. I am an accountant by trade so I find numbers easier than words! I am really trying to open up and improve my writing skills, so comments like this give me a big boost…cheers. Joanne x

  • Val

    Your blog gas been an inspiration to me , we were planning to down size , get a motorhome and travel last year but health issues got in the way , reading your 2015 blog kept the dream alive while I was having my treatment which is now complete and we are getting back on track , the house is on the market we have our fingers crossed that we will be on the road in the very near future .
    Your 2016 blog is fantastic it’s my morning read giving me inspiration and excitement for the future and what’s ahead , keep on Bumbling Along.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Val, it makes me so happy to know you are through your treatment and our little blog helped keep your dream alive. You have made my day, thank you so much for getting in touch and please keep us updated on your plans…excited for you. Joanne x x x

  • Brenda

    just come across your blog and we’re loving it! After taking early retirement and moving to Spain, we decided earlier this year to downsize to an apartment which we can “lock up and leave” and take off in Bertie at every opportunity. Life is too short and we didn’t want to be saying “if only” – You’re giving us so many tips on motor homing and trips. Thank you!

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Brenda. Downsizing to an apartment sounds a sensible idea and guess this gives you best of both world. Great base in Spain to always go home to and mobile Bertie for when you fancy a wander. Good on you.