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TreesA chat with a our Yorkshire neighbours about venturing in to the Arctic Circle before packing up and setting off. Where we have idea, as no matter what book we read there is no mention of anything for the next 1,000 miles. We have asked quite few people for suggestions and recommendations but we just get blank looks and smiles.

The initial 100 kilometres proved to be a nice but accessible coast line with the odd industrial town and plenty processing plants. On route, we stopped at 3 LPG points to find 1 no longer exists, 1 just gone bankrupt and 1 open but a broken automat. Most of the LPG points in Norway are automated with no attendants, so when its broke there is no one to help fix it or even report a fault. We are not desperate for LPG but with so little choice we wanted to air on the side of caution. Needless to say a lot of tutting when it came to LPG.

The further north we went the more dense the landscape grew, and after a while the signs disappeared in to the droopy pine branch. Beyond Steinkjer the wide rocky landscape between the mountains became a sweep of fir and pine trees, interspersed with bodies of steel grey waters. Here and there a field of green pasture land with the odd cow chewing cud. In the middle of these field would stand a neat farmhouse. But otherwise the endless landscape of forest was as interesting as a dead fish. The endless on the road twisted and turned and occasionally Craig put his foot on the throttle to make us feel as if he had spotted something interesting. Making me perk up and stop my eyelids from closing shut. And so it goes. Two or three times in an hour you fly through a little hamlet with three houses, a picnic table and a wheelie bin. The rest of the time we did not move a muscle and our buttocks grew numb. To the point, they begin to feel as they belonged to another person.

Sorry not many pictures today folks. We swapped pictures for travel miles and articles. Whilst Craig was driving, I managed to start a few more hints & tips articles, which we should be publishing over the next few days. Here is the link to the one we did yesterday on the taboo subject of toilet roll. That reminds me…we looked at our website stats this morning and we’ve reached our 50,000 hit! Feels great given we only went live a couple of months ago….so thank you to everyone for your support and words of encouragement to keep writing and sharing our travels.

After several hundred miles we called it quits and settled on a small school car park. No idea where we are but a we are still in surrounded by endless trees but tomorrow..we sound be in the arctic circle…yeah!

Our sleep spot tonight, Symrevegan nursery car park (thank god it is a Saturday) it is the first rest stop we have found for over 100 kilometres!

GPS position N065.537106 and E013.409888

Route: Trondheim to Symrevegan

Weather: Low 10 and high 18…drizzle all day

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