Non Slip Floors

Our current motorhome cab area is lower than the rest of the motorhome and a ramp/storage area is installed to create two footwells and level the floor.  Also the rear bed has two steps/storage areas to allow easier access getting in and out. Well, I didn’t fancy slipping on any of these so I installed some of that non slip tape (It’s like sandpaper) that they fit on commercial stairways, etc. Costs about £5 a roll from either “ToolStation” or “ScrewFix” I also got some from the Pound shop and it seems just as good. Just peel of the backing and stick it on whatever you want. You can even get a waterproof version that could be used in shower areas, etc. (Less like sandpaper and semi transparent.

Non slip tape makes a great safety idea, it’s cheap and is very easy to fit.

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