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When i was parked at Alta museum i spotted another English van but know one around, when I drove into Alta I saw the same van again with the occupants inside so I figured I say hello, it was Steve and Kate from Burnley (I thinks that were there from) and they too were going to the North Cape but where going to travel back down through Norway again on there way home. Steve mentioned the jaw dropping price of cigarette papers here so I gave him 10 packs out of my stash as Joanne could fetch me some more from an English pound shop (I stocked up before leaving, saves a fortune on filters too). After an hour or so of chatting it was time to part ways and I figured I find a spot for the next few days, A supermarket car park won’t quite be suitable……..

Well for the last few days I haven’t done a great deal, but my parking spot find is quite good though at the end of a headland overlooking some boats, mountains and the airport, it’s the best place to stop in Alta and put your feet up for a couple of days, it’s even got a few fish drying out beside me. The occasional person shows up to do a bit of fishing and that’s about it.

The sun finally came out for two days so I had a bit of a zip around the area of Alta on the motorbike, The town itself is quite modern but nothing of interest in it to be honest but besides the UNESCO museum here Alta is also known for one of the best salmon fishing rivers for in Norway (The Alta river). I also found a nice spot on the river that’s quiet and right on the river bank with walks in the area too. GPS Position: 69.93230, 23.2620, but if you prefer campsites then there are also two of them on the opposite bank, GPS Position: 69.92824, 23.26467 You can also do canoeing here as there are lots of boats available at the sites and at the building at the top of the road.

The great guys from OurTour – Jason & Julie are crossing the Fin/Norway border and we’ll meet up here in Alta probably when Joanne gets back, they are low on LPG so when I was out and about I checked the postion for gas, GPS Position: 69.96627, 23.35717 and it’s open. Good news for them and us too as we’ll be topping up before we leave Norway, Finland doesn’t have LPGs station as we know it so we’ll need to be full to the brim for our visit. The next place we’ll get it will be Estonia, and that’s quite a distance from us at least 2500km away straight down south.

Today though the rain has returned so their isn’t anything worth mentioning, Well that’s until Joanne gets back tomorrow night, you can then read up on the Alta Museum and its famous rock carvings no doubt after that.

Alta: GPS Position: 69.98666, 23.30507

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11 thoughts on “Now the waiting game.

  • Valeriy

    Craig, I’m in shock. You’ll be so close and do not want to visit the Sank-Petersburg and Moscow. You can meet my friends in Finland and accompanied to Moscow. I’m going back to Moscow on 14 August. For me is not a problem to accompany you here in Moscow. I am a freelancer. Therefore, I can help you. Vadim begin to study on 1 September.
    Your visit will not be a problem for our family.

  • Julie

    GThanks for all the GPS for stops and gas. We just bumped into Steve and Kate too, it’s a small world! We’re about 2 hours drive from North Cape and are planning to get there on Friday (at the moment, keeping an eye out for the best weather).
    Then we’ll head back down towards Alta so see you somewhere between the two!
    Ju x

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      No problem, enjoy the cape but the weather doesn’t look great at the moment. We’ll be here for a few days yet as Joanne will want to see the Rock carvings etc. After 8pm obviously 😉 I think she going to fetch a bottle of vino and port back too for a little drinky. We can pick each other brains when me meet. We guarantee you’ll enjoy Norway though. It just gets better and better the more south you go.

  • Robert Ellis

    Joanne been delayed owing to weather & all the weight with your cig papers ,pigs ears for Mac nTosh & the booze hope she’s not long before she gets connection flight Best wishes Pops ,enjoy the booze 🍷🍷🍷

      • Wayne & Angie

        Glad to hear it. We are in your tyre tracks, but about 2-3 weeks behind ya, having a rest at the Briksdale Glacier, Bretun Camping…, yes, its mint! ;-). We kind of ‘fell into’ your route for a while. Good luck with Nordkapp, question is, will it be North Cape or Knivskjelloden? Fancy a hike or 520Nok for the car park? Kindest Wayne.

  • Steve

    And very much appreciated those papers were too Craig, almost made me stop smoking out of principal, only almost though ha! Cheers!! Good to see Joanne got back ok with all the extra weight & Vin must be good as you’ve marched on back south since seeing you. We decided to return through Norway so we’ve ended up doing a full loop of oop North, east to Vardo & Kirkenes , down to Pasvik National Park & the Treriksroysa border (where we were savagely attacked by mozzies!), through Karasjok & Kautokeino & currently back near Alta. Such an amazing place isn’t it (apart from the cost of cig papers!), finding it hard to force ourselves to start heading slowly home

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Good to hear from you! We’ve only been out of Norway a few days and already missing it. It is one amazing place. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep in touch,

      • Steve

        Will do (now we’ve got intermittent internet again after I broke my dongle – ouch!), and hope you do too Craig, cheers!