Off for a Bacon Butty

Last night, Mac n Tosh were on guard duty and they did a fine job. As folk walked passed Vin they yapped away, guarding their patch. Tosh did his gruff woof whilst Mac did a yap and run but together they did us proud.

In the morning, it felt awfully strange and quiet…no rain bashing down on Vin’s tin roof. Still cold and grey but at least it is dry. With that I had a quick jog to the marina, which was rather small and quaint but shame can’t be said about the town. It looked a tad run down with residential high rise apartment blocks and endless car parks.

2016-04-28 at 10-49-35-Damp

Joanne has a little zip on the bike.

After breakfast, a quick scoot on the motorbike before we bumbled off around the coast. Not long after we set off, the heavens opened and the wiper blades switched on. Sigh, sigh and more sighs. The countryside around here is beautiful but not in this weather. With rolling hills, thatched cottages and little windmills, it is a great place for walking and biking. We meandered all around passing little village after little village in the hope it would stop raining but nah, not today. With no respite from the rain we had no option but to satisfy Craig’s guilty pleasure…Lidl shop shortly followed by an Aldi visit. We stocked up the already bursting cupboards and Craig’s tobacco pouch in readiness for several months in expensive Norway. We also managed to fill up with GPL before zooming east to the island of Sylt. Or so we thought! We arrived at the rail shuttle service that transports all vehicles from the main land to the island. We parked up and walked over to the terminal. The gentleman was very friendly and helpful but informed us that we can not travel via the train, as it only transports cars and lorries. Motorhomes must travel to Denmark and then catch the ferry from Denmark back to Sylt. How silly! Ah well, what now?

Good job we have a back up…sod the beach lets head to Denmark and find some Danish pigs for a smacking bacon butty. Craig put his foot on the gas and I got the Daddies brown sauce ready. Within 10 minutes we were entering Denmark and guess what, the sun got his hat on. We followed the signs for motorhome parking and pulled up with a fine view. I check wifi and yeah, we have wifi, something we have not had for a few weeks. That means I can upload all our blogs and picture for Germany. With that, I logged on and started uploading our blog whilst Craig had a wander in to the village… painfully slow but at least we have connection.

The town has a couple of museums and a nice high street, The doorways on some of the building though are from the towns past, After it’s days as a port, (the town became land locked from the sea.) It became a town of lace manufacturing and the doorways are from the old store fronts. Many date from the 1600’s and are very nice. The town also has a few shops that are popular with the Germans who nip across the border for a few trinkets and the like.

We haven’t spotted any piggys yet but well keep out eyes peeled, time for bed…

Parking spot below the old water tower.

Parking spot below the old water tower.

Our sleep spot tonight. A nice free parking spot situated at the side of the towns water tower which is also a museum.

Tonder GPS position N054.932027 E.008.864247

Route: Damp to Tonder

Weather: high 14 Low 5, rain, rain and more rain until we arrived in Denmark and the sun got its hat on, yippee.

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