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Wild deer in the dunes

Wild deer in the dunes

Tick, tick, tick doom. Tick, tick, tick doom. Tick, tick, tick spark. That blinking fridge is doing my nut in! All nights its been struggling to light and every time it does its little boom, it makes me jump out my skin. For the last few days the fridge/freezer ignition has started to play up just like it did 12 months ago. The area in and around the ignition and jet tends to get a little dusty and sometimes it can block the jet. A few days ago, Craig took off the outside panel and gave it a good old blast but it is still playing up. So nothing for it, lets get it sorted. Fortunately, we noticed a caravan dealer near the ferry terminal, so we looked them up and gave them a call. After several attempts we finally spoke to Ula at Le Camper and she booked us in for tomorrow at 1 o clock.

Whilst Craig put his editor hat on and sussed out the new Go Pro shots, I purchased some Norwegian Krone on our caxton card. We now have Euro, NOK, SEK and DKK currency on the card. Thats the good thing with caxton as it allows you to purchase multiple currencies on one card. I then set too and changed our spreadsheet to cater for all the different currencies. Also chance to see how we are doing on spends and we are currently averaging at €30.61per day, which is not bad considering we have covered nearly 2,000 kilometres and stocked up the cupboards in readiness for Norway.

Our first Go Pro video is now ready.

With a morning doing stuff and gawking out at the beautiful sands, it was now time to go and have fun in the sand! Once again, we took Mac n Tosh out for a big play time and we all got covered in head to toe with sand. As no one around it was also a good chance to do some training with Mac n Tosh and surprisingly they did well. There recall is getting better, so hopefully one day we can walk without the lead. But most of all, we all had a ball.

In the late afternoon, Craig took the motorbike out for a spin aka go find a rubbish bin whilst I chilled with the boys. Tonight is our last night in Denmark and what a way to spend our final evening on idyllic white sandy beach and unspoilt dunes and a cracking sunset.

Our sleep spot tonight, no change to last night on the wind sands of Hojen.

Vin the motorhome

Vin the motorhome

GPS position N057.719904 E010.510849

Route: Vins tyres stayed put at Hojen

Weather, low 11 high 28. A whopping 29…hottest day of the year, whoa!

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