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Whilst travelling we use a stove kettle rather than an electric one.  Anyway, it was time to purchase a new kettle and we wanted something a little different.  We searched high and low to find something that look modern and cool but the high streets only sold electric kettles and the camping shops only sold the basic camp fire kettles. After weeks of searching we managed to find something that looked reasonable on the internet.  A couple of days later the King Hoff kettle arrived and it looks much better than in the pictures.  Stainless with rubber handle that looks like wood.  A little flip button on the handle to release the spout cap is easy to use.

The only slight downside is it is a little wider than our previous kettle, so we had to shuffle the cupboard around to store it.  On the positive side its low profile means is its pretty sturdy.


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3 thoughts on “Our Modern Kettle