Pawfect Puppies

Monday 14 December

Last night was awesome. We slept on a huge fluffy blanket next to mum and dad’s bed. They let us out for a wee wee at 5am and then we had another kip before getting up at 8am for some breakfast.

We spent most of the day sniffing out our new pad and saying hello to our new parents.

Tuesday 15 December

Hey Tosh, I think we need to make a good impression here…lets go out for a wee wee. 
OK Mac, but where do we wee wee around here?
I dunno Tosh but if we run around and whimper they may give us a clue.

They opened a big door and we stepped out in to a big garden for a wee wee. As soon as we’d had a wee our parents went banana’s. Whoa, these guys must be on drugs or something. Ma n Pa ran around like two idiots praising us and making a huge fuss. Then came the big cuddles and some yummy treat. All this for a little piddle, cool.

We have settled in to our new home and loving the attention. Our new parents are stupid just like us and when we want to play they lie on the floor and we chew them!

Wednesday 16 December

Just as we were settling in they stuck us in a bloody big box. Off we went to a big building called Vetcare. This vet man checked us over and then just as we were getting comfy he stuck a big needle in our necks, ouch. Mum & Dad say we need this jab so we don’t get poorly and stay protected from doggy diseases.

Thursday 17 December

We got dunked in a bloody big white thing today and covered in water. For some reason they seem to think we stink, personally we think our o’dour wee wee smells just fine.

2015-12-15 at 18-16-31-Dogs

Woof of the Week

Yap = garden = pee + poop = treat…we get it!

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

Friday 18 December

We got some new toys today. All chewy rubber stuff so we can chew like crazy plus sometimes we find treats inside. This game of hide and seek is great.

Our grandad also brought us loads of toys and treat too, thank you grandad.

Saturday 19 December

Our first voyage of discovery…we found the indoor palm plant hid amongst the big plant pot, it tastes yummy but not sure it was a good thing to tip upside down as mum wasn’t too impressed. We managed to get soil all over the floor it was brilliant fun until she hid it from us.

Sunday 20 December

These weeds and twigs taste ace, lets eat the lot.

These weeds and twigs taste ace, lets eat the lot.

Our garden is the best. It is full of smells and cool stuff like twigs and bushes. We potter around in this garden for ages and love exploring the dirt. iMac discovered the clematis, its brilliant because the dead bits make fun noises when I swing on them. iTosh love to dig and dig, soon we will have no weeds in this garden.


Monday 21 December

We love to play and pretend fight. The best bit is when iTosh run like billy ho, drop on mi belly and slide on the wooden floor all the way under the sofa.  iMac chase Tosh but he is like a bullet and way too fast for me, so I end up bashing mi head on the sofa. If I am lucky though, I nip his tail.

Tuesday 22 December

Today, mum and dad changed our dining arrangements. Our breeder gave us 2 x 50g meals a day (each dog), 1 at 9am and 1 at 5pm, so our mum and dad did the same. Now we are settled in to our new home they want to change to 3 x 35g meals a day. It is much better for us growing puppies because it means we have more energy.

Wednesday 23 December

iMac am definitely the more vocal, I never shuts up making a silly squeak noise, I am sure I was born to be a dog singer.  I recon I have a cute face with cheeky eyes.

iTosh am more long, dark and handsome with a tiny mohican on my head.

Thursday 24 December

2015-12-24 at 10-21-01-Dogs

This bed is so comfy

We got a real treat today. Daddy had to go out early, so mummy let us sneak in to the big fluffy bed. It was heaven.

2015-12-24 at 10-19-58-Dogs

Just cuddle me bro

Woof of the Week

Toy + roll with nose = treat…we get it!

This Brompton Bag is well cool, it means we can go out with mum & dad

This Brompton Bag is well cool, it means we can go out with mum & dad

Friday 25 December December

Our 1st Christmas, Happy Christmas everyone

Saturday 26 December

Just park your bum Tosh and we will get more treats.

Just park your bum Tosh and we will get more treats.

Mum’s started lifting her finger and saying “siiiit”. A bit confusing at first but once we got the hang of it, it was cool. We just parked our bums on the floor and hey, we got a treat.

Sunday 27 December

Dad went out for a beer with his mate, Stu so we had big play time with mum.  We discovered stairs and mum had kittens. She reckons we need to learn how to use the stairs safely so we don’t have a fear of them but equally, she doesn’t want us to use them then do don’t hurt our backs.  She spent ages showing us how to slowly go up and slowly come down. When we did it right we got more treats.

These stairs are good fun, so don't get why we can't climb them?

These stairs are good fun, so don’t get why we can’t climb them?

Monday 28 December

iTosh played with sods in the garden whilst iMac watched him from the comfort of mummy’s knee. We are like chalk and cheese.

We did more of that up and down stair thingy today. iTosh got is straight away but iMac am too tiny and too impatient and found leaping to be better fun but I didn’t eventually get it.

Tuesday 29 December

Our 1st visit to the park, nice and snug in mum's arms.

Our 1st visit to the park, nice and snug in mum’s arms.

Our first big adventure outside. We went for a long ride in the bicycle bag to a big park but mummy & daddy wouldn’t let us on the ground because our immune system isn’t quite ready. We have to wait another couple of days before we are allowed to wander.

iTosh went in mummy’s basket and I loved the fresh air and I stuck my head outside the basket and wiggled around loads tooting at everything that went flying passed.

iMac went in daddy’s basket and wasn’t too sure about the cold. I just stuck my head under the big fluffy blanket and snuggled in.

Wednesday 30 December

Playtime with molly.

Playtime with molly.

We love to play especially when we have visitors. Today, our Molly, her mum and her grandma came to visit me. Molly was loads of fun to play with, please come back soon.

Thursday 31 December

We were left in the house on our own for 5 minutes and it was fab. We destroyed everything in our path and had a ball with the Christmas tinsel.  When mum came back in from the garage we ran for cover!

Honest we didn't do anything.

Honest we didn’t do anything.

Woof of the Week

Pointy finger + sit = park bum on floor = treat…we get it!

Stairs = Slow jump up + bum shuffle down = treat…we get it.

Hello everyone, I like to sniff everything.

Hello everyone, I like to sniff everything.

Friday 1 January

Freedom at last! We went outside today on for our first big walk, we managed to go all of 10 feet from our front door. It was much scarier than our garden and there were some really strange noises.

For the last week or so, our mummy and daddy have put our Lupi harnesses on in the house. This way we get used to them before we go outside.

Why do I have to wear a harness, I want to run freeeee!

Why do I have to wear a harness, I want to run freeeee!

Saturday 2 January

They look cute like us but they are mad...just like us.

They look cute like us but they are mad…just like us.

Our nephew’s Oliver and Lucas came to say hello but they are mad, crazy two year olds, so we hid under the couch until it was safe to waddle back out.

Sunday 3 January

Snooze time.

Snooze time.

More walks and today we managed 50 feet. We bum shuffled all the way down the street and dragged our paws to give our nails a bit of a pedicure. Coming home was much easier.  All this walking stuff is so tiring that even daddy had a little snooze and a snore before bedtime. Mum said we all looked like nodding dogs.

Monday 4 January

Today, was a lot to take in. All the things we have learnt over the passed few weeks put in to action! Wow. First we plopped our bums in the bicycle basket and headed to the big park.  We had a little sniff at the bushes, saw some strange ducks and birds before shooting back to the comfort of mum and dad’s feet. We saw a few other dogs but we got too scared to say hello.

Tuesday 5 January

Mum increased our food today to 3 x 40g because we are growing fast and need a little bit more food to keep us healthy.

Thursday 7 January

We met our neighbour Chocy, a 12 year old brown labrador. He is so big and a big scary but we think he is a cool doggy and a fine example of how we should behave. Although we have got this shake a paw down to a fine tea, now.

Shake a problems.

Shake a paw…no problems.

Woof of the Week

Harness + Lead = walks…we don’t quite get it, yet

I am such a good boy

I am such a good boy

Friday 8 January

iMac get the training thing, it is simple unlike my bro. I just watch, listen and learn and I get a treat. I can sit, lie, touch and shake a paw.

iTosh get bored of discipline stuff but place a treat in a toy and I will find it or throw a stick and I will fetch it.

Monday 11 January

Today, was well weird. We got to do things without each other, which was a little scary at first but after a bit, it was well good. Mum said we needed time apart from each other to develop our own personalities.

From now on we will go for training walks on our own until we are confident and independent.  We will also do discipline training on our own whilst the other one spends time on their own in the garden. Having me time if pretty cool because I don’t have the other one chewing my ear woof woof.

Tuesday 12 January

Time out continues!


I went for a walk first and it was well scary without Mac. Mum carried me all the way to the main road and it was really noisy. There were loads of cars and lorries zooming passed and it made me scared but mum is really good and she reassured me it was OK. Once I listened to mum I started to walk and it was fun. Boy it was so good to explore the big world. I even got a chance to run down my street, which was just cool.  I love my walks.

Back at home and I chilled, it was so peaceful without Mac whimpering at me all the time to play. I even got to chew on my favourite dog toy without Mac trying to nick it.


I stayed at home and went on a big adventure checking out the whole house. With no Tosh chewing my hind, I was able to check out our pad. I ran around the whole joint sniffing at everything and checking out all the edible stuff. I am a real home doggy.

I then went for a walk but I really didn’t like it. Mum carried me to the main road but those big lorries scared me to death. There was no way my arse was leaving the floor. I cried and cried until eventually mum picked me up and carried me back to my street. She then put we down and made me walk all the way home. I hate this walking thing, I just want a cuddle.

After time apart it was so good to be reunited as bro’s and after a quick sniff we were soon chasing each other around the room and giving each other grief before we crashed out on the step.

Dachshund Sleep Time

Dachshund Sleep Time

Wednesday 13 January

We went back to the vet man today and he weighted us and give mummy and daddy two tablets for us. One tablet so we don’t get worms and the other so we don’t get ticks and flees. We didn’t have the tablets today as we need to have them with our food, so we will have them over the coming days.

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