Pet Travel

Little articles and snippets of information about how we got ready for our adventure. We cover things like what our parents did to prepare us for travel to make sure our little tails kept on wagging all the way.

We cover things like food, vaccinations and pet passports. You know all the boring stuff you humans need to know.

Doggy Bag 2 Comments
With 1 week to go before our big adventure, we had a doggy bag packing party, it was bonkers. It all started when our granddad bought […]

Our Doggy Bag Packing List

Perfect White Sandy Beaches - Denmark
Down on the Beach Perfect White Sandy Beaches – Denmark! Skagen is one of Denmark’s most popular holiday destinations. Tourists visit Skagen, attracted not only […]

Perfect White Sandy Beaches – Denmark

Mac n Tosh
Mac n Tosh After months of searching we managed to find these two twins to join us our family. Woof cool dudes! We are Mac […]

Introducing Mac n Tosh

With lots of travel plans on our agenda having a microchip was not only mandatory requirement but something we personally wanted to do. It is simply […]


Dog food
What Dog Food Do we Buy? Like most people we wanted the best for our two little puppies but had not got a clue what […]

Dog Food & Diet

dog proofing
Dog proofing your motorhome is quite a challenge when you have two dogs and don’t want them to destroy the interior. Your dog or puppy will need […]

Dog Proofing Your Motorhome

Trimming Dog Nails
Tonight, Mac n Tosh got all nice and relaxed and I slowly but surely nestled in for their first pedicure. Preparing your pup For the […]

Nail Salon: Trimming Dog Nails

dog collar & tag
Whilst living at home we prefer Mac n Tosh to not have a dog collar & tag as we think collars can sometimes rub away […]

Smart Leather Dog Collar

What do you attached the dog too you may ask? well rather than tie him too one of those large corkscrew type things that pet […]

Eyelets & Dog Ties