A Picnic in the Beautiful Baltic City, Vilnius 5 Comments

National Museum

National Museum & Castle in background

The next two days we cycled and walked all around Vilnius and what a beautiful city. All the charm of a large village but all the grandeur of a capital, its excellent. Apologies upfront for the amount of photo’s but it an amazing city (click to enlarge).

Our favourite is definitely the old quarters with all the meandering streets, it reminded us very much of Italy. Pastel washed walls, cobbled streets, lots of churches with frescos and sculptures and oodles of cafes.

Churches of all faiths on every avenue and every corner. Craig was in his element looking at all the architectural detail both inside and out.

The university was a nice surprise. Entrance fee €1.50 and you could roam around all the courtyards, buildings and churches. The philology centre ceiling was out this world and so too, the book store.

Philology Center

Philology Center

Mac n Tosh enjoyed the Brompton basket ride just like Peanut used to and managed to put a smile on many a face. In fact, with the sun on their face and snuggled up in their own basket they even had the odd snooze or two. For a real treat, one day we had a Mac Donald’s picnic in the park and the boys enjoyed a carton of french fries. On the way home the sunset down Gedimino Avenue was amazing.

One of the things I will remember about this Capital is the variety of things to do, the hip cool young people, the laid back charm and the huge big smiles.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Our Bumble Verdict: Vilnius now on our top 10 favourite cities and would highly recommend a visit…motorhome or weekend break

A Picnic in the Beautiful Baltic City, Vilnius

Vilnius Cathedral

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Route: Vilnius

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5 thoughts on “A Picnic in the Beautiful Baltic City, Vilnius

  • Robert Ellis

    Quite a good number of lovely photos ,it seems a nice interesting place to visit ,St Casimer church dome was very nice ,a bit different ,I could have a good gander round that flea market shop ,I’m sure I’d find something in there After I’ve done this I’ll have a good look at all the photos ,Sleepy Mac in his basket & Tosh drinking the fountain dry ,lovely ,These are photos you will able to look back on ,Luv DADxxx Dudesxx

  • Lin

    Looks like a fantastic place. Obviously thirsty work for dogs. Gordon would be in his element with the architecture, he loves all that. Keep on happy travelling x

  • Barriie Clarke

    cost more than €1.50 to get into Manchester University lol,Beau was sick over the weekend infamation of the colon, sick about 30 times between 10pm and 3am I felt like a witch flying round with the mop, seems a lot better last night.
    Michele & Dad