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We woke to find rain streaming down the windows and pelting poor Vin, tink, tink, tink on the roof. We slowly peeked through the blinds, the streets were deserted and as cars drove by they whooshed in the puddles. Craig rolled out of bed and I rolled over for another 40 winks…or so.
Eventually, I crawled out of bed and slumped on to the chair, where I sat snuggled in my big blanket wrap, drinking a cup of coffee with both hands, watching the rain through the window, and hoping for a break in the weather. Mac n Tosh sat cross legged patiently waiting to make a mad dash to the nearest piece of grass.
Our motivation to get up and go didn’t kick in until after 20 coffees and 50 tinkles. We were in such a chilled state we just sat there cracking jokes and laughing at the most stupid of things. To be honest, we would still be there now but for the fact we ran out of milk.

Vin's route via the cathedral square

Vin’s route via the cathedral square

With no Lidl for miles around we had no option to venture in to a Netto but only after Craig turned Vin in to a tourbus. He drove us straight through the historic centre of Ribe, straight passed the cathedral, and boy did we get some funny looks. A mixture of shock and amazement followed by lots of smiles.

Pig's do fly!

Pig’s do fly!

Our Netto experience was a rather expensive trip especially as we only went in for some milk. A compact shop with plenty goodies that neither of us could say no to, which ended up costing us £22. However, we did get some nice ribeye steak, lots of pork, plenty bacon, tea towels and dog chews to name just a few of the shopping bag highlights.

The bacon purchase got us thinking…where are the pig farms? I know, lets go find some real Danish Bacon! With that we went on the hunt for a piggy farm. Over the hills…not that Denmark any hills…and far away. We bumbled pleasantly through a landscape of small farms, marshlands and dense wooded areas. We spotted cows, chickens, sheep, goat and even a blinking reindeer but not one single little pig. We even zoomed through the towns of Kolding and Vejle in the hope we would find a pig farm soon. But nah, not a even an oink or sausage! After 120 kilometres we conclude pigs can fly! Nothing for it, we cracked open our pre packed Netto Danish bacon and tucked in to a cracking butty.

On our hunt for Danish Bacon, we discovered the first recorded shipment of Danish Bacon to Britain took place in 1847 and, apart from the inevitable interruption of the war years, Danish Bacon has been sizzling away in Britain every year since then. Danish Bacon was one of the first food products to be advertised on our TV when commercial television was launched in the 1950s, and the famous strap line ‘Good bacon has Danish written all over it’ entered into advertising folklore.

Exhausted from pig hunting we pulled up at a place called Jelling . After a quick toot around the grounds Craig nipped in the local store and found the largest Danish cake ever!  That’s it…pig out time, lets go and snuggled in for the night.

Our sleep spot tonight, the Viking Centre car park in Jelling, a clue to what we might be doing tomorrow folks!

GPS position N055.576152 E009.416232

Route: Ribe to Jelling

Weather, low 10 high 19. Started off wet and miserable but by the end of the day, wonderful sunshine.

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