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During the night, we experienced our first Baltic storm. Vin was well and truly battered come morning light and we were well and truly shattered. Sleeping in a tin box with pelting rain, howling wind accompanied by scuttles and scurries of wildlife certainly reminded us how close to nature we are living. I think one of our fellow campers from motorhomefun will be impressed…bit of a storm chaser!

Over night, our little patch of Latvian heaven had turned in to a swamp complete with bugs and flies. After a paddle to let the dogs have a morning tinkle we set off along the main highway. The coastal road was blessed with loads of nice beach picnic spots but in heavy rains the rains didnt appeal, so we trundled on. The Latvian drivers certainly have no fear but it was a safer option than travelling down the ‘off road’ route to Limbazi.

Limbazi Castle

Limbazi Castle

Limbazi is a strange little place but full of quirky finds but nothing to really grab your attention. We parked right in the old town square facing the Orthodox church. On one side of the square gambling shop and run down building but on the other a lovely fire engine museum and tourist office. Round the back, the ruins of a stone castle built by the Brotherhood of the Sword in 1223.

Our Bumble Verdict: Limbazi ok for a pit stop but don’t go out your way.

On route to our next place we stopped for a diesel fill at €0.91 per litre, not bad. Then for a quick shop for some bits and bobs plus a new data card. Jay and Ju During the night, we experienced our first Baltic storm. Vin was well and truly battered come morning light and we were well and truly shattered. kindly passed on their used SIM cards but unfortunately we were unable to use because we needed the receipt to top up. We bought the same deal 10gb for €4.99 and slotted in to our little wifi device.

Limbazi Church


We entered the Guaja national park with endless meadows and alpine trails. In the distance, a fading but equally pretty lavender field.The long country lane with deep forest was home to wild dogs, deer and bird of prey. All of which we spotted within minutes of arrival. How lucky are we!

Riding the Baltic Storms & Roads, Cesis

Riding the Baltic Storms & Roads, Cesis

We tried to follow the Gauja river valley to the limestone cliffs but the road just got too bad to drive down. We had no option but to turn around and head to the village Cesis. We parked on a dedicated motorhome parking in the centre of Cesis. A really clean and tidy place with toilet facilities (€0.30) and free parking. With the tail end of the storm battering us with wind and rain, we shut shop and stopped indoors for the rest of the evening.

Our sleepy spot: nice dedicated free motorhome parking with lovely of an old windmill and some historic tower.

Wild Camping GPS position N057.514341 E025.281033

Route: Ainazi to Cesis

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  • Robert Ellis

    Just nearly finished writing this letter when all of a sudden it had a fit & wiped the slate clean grrrrrrrrso annoying The church on the photo looked small ,surely that was the Porch ? Don’t want anymore rainfalls as they can get very bad in the Baltic’s,keep travelling ,keep safe ,Luv to you all woof woof xxxDadxxx